Compare Presenting Styles

Hi Year 3.

As part of your computing unit this term, you will need to present information. We will start of by looking at oral presentations. 

As you are learning about climates in topic, I thought it would be a good idea to look at weather reports.

Look at the videos below and comment on their presenting styles.

What do you like?

Who is the best and why?

Why do you think they look more at the viewer than at the map?

Could you think of any improvements for any of the presenters?

A cloudy, rather cold day with rain, heavy at times, quickly spreading from the west during the morning and persisting for the rest of the day. Rain may clear the far west by evening. Maximum temperature 13 deg C (55 deg F).

After a wet start, rain will clear steadily eastwards followed by much drier weather for the second half of the night. Minimum temperature 7 deg C (45 deg F).
A dry and bright start with some sunny spells in the east at first. Cloud and rain, heavy at times, will soon spread in from the west. Maximum temperature 16 deg C (61 deg F).
Outlook for Saturday to Monday:
Remaining unsettled with showers or longer periods of rain. Some of the rain may be heavy at times and temperatures will be close to normal.

28 thoughts on “Compare Presenting Styles

  1. I like when they tell us the wether and when it going to happen.
    Nina Ridge is the best because she uses expressions in her voice.
    The look at the viewers so they know what to say.


  2. 1.I like the part when introduced the Country.

    2.The first one because she had a loud voice so we can hear her.

    3. They looked at the viewers so the viewers know what they are doing.
    4. The last one could speak louder.
    Saab I lily tymon

  3. 1.I like the fourth one because it tells the instrictions better.
    2. I like Lucy Verasamy because she has more deatals at speaking.
    3. They look at the viewers because then they can explain properly.
    4. They can use adjectives and explanation. By Harroop Rees xavier

  4. Abdullah Hamza Ridwan

    I like when they talk about and tells us about the weather.
    I like that man in the suit .

    It’s beacuse they memorised it and looked at us so we know that she’s talking to us.

    They could addd

  5. I like the the second one because it is funny and it tells us information.
    I think Prince Charles’s one is the best.
    They look at the viewers because they are not talking at the map.
    If it is cold or hot.

  6. (1) Prince Charles used really good words and vocabulary.
    (2) Prince Charles is the best because he reported it very well.
    (3) They look at the viewer because they are explaining the weather.

  7. 1.I like the 2nd one because she told what the weather is
    2.We like the 2nd one.
    3.It looks rainy and dark from the viewers
    4.They need to make it interesting and important

  8. We liked the one that prince Charles made.
    Prince Charles is the best because he explained everything.
    Because the viewer is importanter than the map.

  9. Lucy verasamy is the best
    because she is good at talking about the weather.
    If they look behind them at the map they won’t look at the camera,thats why they look more at the viewer.
    I think prince Charles could improve by speaking with more expression because he sounds boring.

  10. What do you like?
    I like the videos because there using words like high temperature,cold,cities and the climate.
    Who is best and why?
    I think Lucy verasamy because she’s used diffrent kind of words.
    Why do you think they look more at the viewer than a map?
    To show you what there talking about.

  11. I like the first one because the lady is showing where it is and using different words to describe the city or country.
    The first one because she’s saying what day it is on.
    Because they have to say it to the person their looking at and for an example if their looking at the map for the whole time they you wouldn’t know if she said it to you.

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