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  1. Shakespeare poems were based on true love, drama, dearth, and action.
    There were about in the past stories like there are problem in modem life stories to keep the readers attention.In romeo and Juliet there problem was because they were from to family’s romeo was from the mongoose family and Juliet was from the cap sons family.

    In modem times we have adventure stories, risk taking challenges, exciting stories. This is used to make the story more dramatic also to keep the readers attention.

  2. Love,comodey and sadness some times.Are story’s are different because are’s usually end happy and in the oldern days they end sad.

    Yes because every body has problems even the people from the past.

    Because the writers write about real life situations.

    They are based on real life situations and farytails

  3. William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and jullet it was about love and romantic story.There were still problems in the past .The storys competed from royal Dahl and William Shakespeare were that William Shakespeare with an fether ink pen and we type it on a computer. Plays and peoms have changed by putting some photos that are for the Poems and plays don’t have writing they just akt it out. story’s are based on adventures these days

  4. The stories we have today are differnt because it has happy ending instead of a sad ending and they are a little happy today, the story’s todday are for children.
    in Romeo and Juliet Romeo falls in love with Juliet but in the end they both die.
    A lot of the story’s in the old in times where sad.

  5. The poems and plays that William Shakespeare wrote were about tragedy and romance, such as, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

    In modern days, people write about fantasy and reality but it was different to
    Shakespeare because we write about ordinary people or mythical
    characters, for example, Voldermort from Harry Potter. During Tudor times, stories about kings and queens were very popular but now, they are modern and use more imagination and creativity. When Shakespeare wrote his wonderful plays, he was inspired by her majesty,Queen Elizabeth I.

  6. Some stories are still about death and tragedy. However, most books are child friendly and funny. Shakespeare had more of a tragic or dramatic approach than today’s books. On the other hand, some stories today are quite dramatic. People changed books to a more child friendly approach because more children like books. Authors have also changed thier books because kings and queens aren’t that popular as they used to be, and children like more magical books.

    By Sam, Linda and Alishba.

  7. Many story’s in the past have many tragedies however now there are not much tragedies.Many stories and poems have the same ending which Shakespeare used like emotional endings. Plays have changed since the past because only men were allowed to go on stage however in the modern days women and men are allowed to perform.
    By Zade,Hanaan,Gautam

  8. These plays and Poems are about true love and death.In some of the stories we have looked at are still the same because there has been a dilemma.Some stories have changed because some thing are not much popular any more.The stories are based on,lot more adventures and action.Some stories have changed such as Harry Potter.The differences are true love,death,dramatic and emotional.The similarities are still fantasy and realistic,they both have dilemmas and still have sad

  9. Not many books have tradegies in them whether,they are old or even modern. Most books include dilemmas,some modern books have romance in the ending and most Shakespeare books have romance as well. Modern books include animation whereas,old books rarely have animation or don’t even have animation at all!
    From Jay,Bilal and Mihir.

  10. Shakespeare stories were about sad endings and happy endings.Some story still have a happy endings and a sad endings. Some story’s have a dilemma but some don’t have a dilemma.Most story end in Sad ways and happy ways .Most stories are the same and most stories are different.

    Topic writers choose a lot of sad and happy stories such as Romeo and Juliet which is a sad stories. Shakespeare writing gets better each time.Shakespeare stories are based on depressing endings. They are even based on happy endings.
    By Tiya and Safiya

  11. Different to stories today , many tragedies were involved throughout the books ; in Romeo and Juliet , which was written by William Shakespeare , more than two people died . Today , books tend to have more fantasy , adventure and imagination unlike books which were written in the olden times , had mournful and depressing endings which would cause people to feel quite sorrowful for the people who died .

  12. Question 1
    1. They were about people who were falling in love with each other /romance /romantic some of them might not have been.
    Question 2
    2.Yes there was because there would be an awful tragedy.
    Question 3
    3. Most of the stories are based on happily ever after but it would be a bit upsetting also it would be a similarity between Shakespeare stories and our that is still fall in love with each other forever and ever.
    Sadia and Fatimah.

  13. 1. They were about love, happiness and sadness because they were nice plays.
    2.yes they did have problems in there plays.
    3. skipped
    4.our storys now have happy endings.

    Mohamed s and Hasan and abdi

  14. Romeo and Juliet is all about a love story Romeo and Juliet they have meant to be enemies but they fall in love in a party but Romeo saw roseline and felt scared because Juliet and Romeo were dancing.

    When Juliet killed her self and Romeo killed his self.
    There were sad ending
    Roald Dahl story like Matilda the twits witches fantastic Mr fox.

  15. The books that we read now are based on happy endings. On the other hand, stories that had been created long ago were based on tragedies.There were serious problems in the stories that were based in the past. Also topics have changed in future because they want to make stories fun so children could read more so they think their better then William Shakespeare.

    From Ahlam Shabnam Nana

  16. 1.Shakespeare wrote many plays about love one of his plays about love was Romeo and Juliet.
    2. Yes because one of his storys such as Romeo and Juliet had a problem like they shouden fell in love because there family’s were enemy’s.
    3. The story now are basses on people’s life’s

    By Nicole and Momina

  17. Books in the past had lots of tragedies however nowhere days books have animation. In the past the books had lots of problems such as fighting and death
    Where as modern books have lots of happiness . Lots of books in the past were
    about Queens , Kings , churches and religion but books now are about adventures. William Shakespeare wrote some of books had lot of imagination .
    By Syed,Zaid,Sania.

  18. The stories are about love,tragedy,emotion and dilemma.
    Yes because they might happen again if it change.
    I think plays and poems in the past have much more tragedy but now they have. Less tragedy and in plays only men were allowed on stage whereas now girls and boys.
    Stories are based on fantasy and animation so kids can read any book and most of the stories end in a happy ending.
    By Sanna Oliwia, Isra

  19. Shakespeare wrote many plays about romance. In the past plays, were for adults however stories now are normally for children. There were many problems such as people wanted to get married to enemy’s in Romeo and Juliet. Stories used to have sad endings but now they have happy endings. Before there were plays that were about posh people like kings ans queens but now we have stories about normal families who are not as rich. Now, we do stories about people as well as animals but 400 years ago they used to do it about people. They are more interesting and complicated now, but before it was not.
    Humaira and

  20. Shakespeare poems and plays were about love.
    There was problems with stories in the past because in modern times we have happy endings but in the past they had sad endings.
    In modern times we start of ok and then the problem and then the happy ending however in the past they started of happy and ended sad.
    Story’s are now based on all sorts of things not just love.

    Haris I

    • Stories can now be based on all sorts of things like happiness,sadness,love,friends,families.
      We often now have sad and happiness in endings.
      However Shakespeare only wrote poems and plays about love but now we don’t write poems or plays about love,we do it about lots of subject..Now,stories are suitable for kids.

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