Competing views in the time of Wilberforce.

Post-Guided Reading Task: 

This morning, you have read different texts which show different perspectives on slavery, from people during the time of Wilberforce.

You need to write an answer to the question: What do you think about slavery? 

You have been asked to write this from a historical perspective – Guided Reading Groups have a different focus for their writing.

Group 1 and 2 – You will be answering this question as a slave. Think about what life would have been like for you.

Group 3 and 4 – You will be answering this question as an abolitionist (someone like Wilberforce). Think about what your views would be and why you would think that.

Group 5 – You are going to write from the perspective of a plantation owner/someone who owns shares in a sugar company. Think about the role of slavery in maintaining your lifestyle.

Remember you will need to write in the first person and include historical detail!

72 thoughts on “Competing views in the time of Wilberforce.

  1. As an abolitionist I think slavery is bad. This is because I am against it.”God made the slaves to live and to work,no to be beaten” this was a quote.

    People got took far away so they could work for them.

    • This viewpoint might have been important because they only cared about the plantashon owners. The plantashtion owners were more important thene eney bode

  2. I was really sad because it was so hared being a slave for a really horrible person I was so scared. I wanted to go home to my family but I got kidnaped from a stranger and I don’t know why so I got really sceared.

  3. I am a poor slave I am really tired . I’ve been captured and bought from Africa I have to do all of the work in the house and people treat me like i am someone who stole something from them. And they don’t give me enough amount of food. It’s like I am locked in a tower . I wish I was somewhere safe and I was a normal person . For example eating nice fresh food.

    I am treated like the world strongest man because I have to take heavy thing.And If I don’t do any work I get whipped.

  4. I am a slave who wants to be free. I have no choice. The plantation has made me angry because I have to do all the work.

    God didn’t made me a slave ,he made me a clever person. They don’t even pay me for what I have done. This is not fair for a slave like me and this should be reported to the police.

    Some people like Mr Norris wants this slavery to carry on so they can’t do the work . I get beaten up because if I don’t do the work. It is very hard for me to do all the work.

  5. Abolitionist:
    I am a abolitionist and I think slavery is not right .Slaves work all
    day but they don’t get payed any thing.Why do slaves have to
    be slaves they have a brain as well ,they are intelligent ,Just because
    they produce and plant :sugar,tobacco,rice,rum,cotton pimento
    and other things.

    Slavery is so bad because some slaves who work on ships felt
    like throughing them selfs overboard.

    By Fiza

  6. Group 4
    As a abolitionist I think slavery is a dreadful thing to do . How selfish are these people to make these poor slaves work all day?. These people did not come to this world to spend all of their time cleaning . They don’t know what these people are actually intelligent at. They have brains like warriors . So I think in mind that we should ban slavery and let these people show them what there actually good at.You shouldn’t tell your slaves do to everything , give your slaves a chance one day.
    Inside slaves are heart – broken they have no time to spend with their family or even get to see them . The slaves owners should be ashamed of themselves selves .
    The slaves owners however, get time to see there family but the slaves don’t . Why do they treat these people with the horrible attitude and bad language?. What have the slaves done to them?. Making them work day to day never giving them enough time to rest. How will they live?.
    By Halima

  7. I think it was brutal and sad because they couldn’t live there life.they had know time for the self.They were to only care for the slave owners.They had to provide raw materials. If they took all the slaves from Africa there would be no more people left in Africa.If some people were left they would have to be lonely. Also they hardly get fed.

    In my perspective I think this would be a great oppurtunity for us to band slavery.And this would also be a sin as to how the slave has an intelligent brain so they could live their lives.Also this would be taken to the next generation which
    wouldn’t be very good

    When they were on the ship also they were thretend to eat.they could smell smothering bad and because of that many of them died.

  8. Group 4

    Dear diary,
    My name is Willian wilberforce. I am a member of organisation called: The abolitionist, they try to help Africans that have been captured and sent to America to harvest weat, tobacco, rice, salt and Cotten. Their called slaves, it is extremely racist if you look on perspective. That why we ( abolitionists ) are her to help.

    I have been to see a slave owner called: Mr. Norris, he lied about how happy the slaves were: ” they danced every night, whil they did that a nice cent of frankincense and lime juice around their rooms. They all got to eat their countrys traditionl food, their bed are cleaned and unified every week.” They were the asact words that were spoken, despicable some people are just disgusting the way they behavie.

    • The slave owners were most Important at the time because they own the slaves.the most important would be the slaves owners.This would not be the same at the time.

    • This Isnt the most important view. The most important view is the slave owners cause they own the slaves. This would’ve still been the same now if William wilberforce didn’t stop it .

  9. I feel very happy that I have had these slaves because they look after the plantations and they have to do it fast.They feel very tired after that so we give them lots of rest and we give them food.If they do their job good then we will give them a little cottage to live in.On the weekends we go to a little cafe or resteraunt to celebrate their good and hard work.They are really amazing at taking the food out of the ground.

    They pick the cotton off the Cotton plant really well ; they collect the sugar canes,tobacco,rice,rum and pimento.As a reward we make them bread and foods with their favourite sauces.They are rewarded by lots of luxury foods which contain the foods and items they collected.They may be wearing rough,torn clothes but if they do well we will give them some reward of some of the clothes are better than any other.We give them their choice of one of the best bedrooms in the whole

  10. I,as a abolitionist think that slavery is very horrible.African people are slaved to be taken into the Americans to work in huge Farm called a plantations.They grow things like tobacco and suger etc.Then, they are given to places like the uk.

    These a actions are not acceptable.We were made to live and enjoy our selves.Not to be locked up and work and be beaten.what I have experienced over my time , is not very easy to take in.Black Africans look up at me expecting me to do something about this horrible slave trade.And I always ask myself “what am I supposed to do.”

    The only people that are benefitec, are the seamen and the manufactured people.They get breads and some more provisions.

  11. This is a really terrible life for me I get treat like a teddy, bear getting hit so hard and you can fell it.My life is never going to get better I hope one day someone can come and help me and take me away from this terrible place that would be the best day of my life.The people treat me like garbage they treat me like I’m not even there.I hope one day I can escape out of this broblem I have in my life.I wish I wasn’t in this situation now I even wish I wasn’t born

    • This comment wouldn’t have mattered during the time when William wilberforce was alive because no one really took notice of them and didn’t care what there opinion was and if they liked it or not. The most important viewpoint would’ve been the plantation owner or the ship owner who took care of the slave . This would’ve been the same now but William wilberforce stopped all of it and it is not happening now

    • No because,slaves were not important.
      The most important view would be the plantation owners
      It wouldn’t be the same because,we dont have many slaves now.

  12. I think that slavery is an excellent thing because they are taking out crops so we can get fed. Slavery was great because they everyday worked for us so we could eat and be very well. The slaves had an experience and they pulled sugar canes so we can turn it into proper sugar. I and the other owner separate the brothers and sisters so that instead of then chatting they will do some work! I think it is good because I am watching them do the work and me and my family will get richer and richer every day! The slaves are working to let us have goods. This is the most nationally beneficial way that we can get goods.

    I think slavery is a good thing for that reason we have lots of Enslaved Africans. These Enslaved Africans can work toghther in the seperate lands to take out the crops and foods so we can eat and be healthy. The sugar canes on the other hand need to also go to Europe so we need sugar and they need sugar. These crops have grown and they need picking out, the slaves can do that while me and my family can get on with the other business.

    We need to fight so we can have the slaves, Enslaved Africans etc… I am trying to get more slaves so I can get them to work. This means that if I get more slaves, I can do more work. I need more slaves because I haven’t got enough slaves to pick cotton but I am getting more next week! I think that we have slavery so that they get do the work while we relax.

    This slavery is a brilliant thing because they do the work for us!

    • It would of been important because it was not fair for the slaves to be doing people’s work and it is not fair because when they do all of the work they don’t give them any money.

      The slave would of been the most importantant because slaves aren’t just ment to do all of the work for them.

  13. Abolition
    I think that life for a slave is really difficult and if I was a slave I would rather be put to death instead of working for mean, horrible people who won’t appreciate it? God has gave that slave a lot of intelligence and they should not be running around after loathsome people who won’t give anything back to the slave. I thinkthat slavery should have been banned 100 years ago. I will stop slavery regarding to the unexpected things that are occurring, such as people being tied and other people being threatened if they don’t dance in a cage. Some people who are not slaves think slavery is ok and the slaves might enjoy thier life but really they don’t because they work for the people who treat them with disgustingly.

    Slavery is also bad because the people WORK WORK WORK but all they get back is getting tortured or being killed. I also think that slavery is bad because the people that own the slaves don’t care about how the slaves feel they just want to get more done like get there houses clean but the slaves feel so upset and sometimes want to kill themselves. The slaves know how it fells cleaning after people but the slaves owner doesn’t know and doesn’t care If it’s hard or easy they just want to get everything done and be very organised. I wish that slavery didn’t exist and the world was as normal as nature. All the slaves work 24 7.

    When slavery stopped that changed the world and everyone became really happy because there was no bossing around.


    • Aleena I think your view point would be important in the 17th century because you made a clear point about it having to stop and people would listen to you because people would care and would not listen to a slave because they wouldn’t care about a slave accept.

      I think your view point would matter. I think this wouldn’t be the same now.

  14. Group 5
    Slavery is very good because the slaves get to do everything I say and I get to just relax. My life is way better with slaves around. I don’t care if the slaves moan. At least I’m very happy. If slavery was abolished , then my life will be terrible. There will be no one to do my work and make my goods. The slaves will have freedom and they will be happy. But I will be stuck making my own goods all by myself. There will be no time for relaxing and having fun. I will be doing work all day.

    Slavery makes my lifestyle peaceful. They do everything I say. They obey me. It’s like I am the ruler of the kingdom. Telling everyone what to do. First of all I own the slaves. People can’t just take that’s away from me. Anyway it’s good for the empire. It gets the empire lots of money. It’s the most beneficial thing of any of the things I carry on.

    The slaves produce lots of foods for me. They produce me: Sugars, tobacco, rice, rum, cotton and primento. See! they give me lots of things. Why do other people have to take that away from me and make us work instead? Slavery is great and it has to stay. I don’t care if the slaves die of working. At least the made me plenty of foods. When the slaves work , I GROW RICH!!!

    • It would be important because everyone loved having slave people would like it because they would no what to do if there slaves die.

      The most important one was the philanthropist.

  15. I think slavery is bad because people are wasting there time people are wasting there time,when they could be doing things that they would like to do.slavery is bad because people are working there heart out but people want them to do more things for them people think that slavery is a joke but people are not thinking about how the slave feels they just want things to be done.people are getting ill when they are working,other people are just saying your alright you could carry on working .

    People are having a hard time seeing there family because they are working 24/7
    There family’s are dying because a certen member of the family would be a slave so the rest of the family would just about have money for food and they might not be able to pay for anything else.

    • This wouldn’t of been a important entry to William wilberforce because a slave’s view point were All ready known. A plantation owner would of been more important. Nower days a slaves point of view would of been quiet important.

    • The view about the slaves wouldn’t be important because the slaves were very poor and no one cared about them. The plantation owners would be the most important because they own the slaves. This wouldn’t be the same now because
      If someone said “the Africans should work for me” we wouldn’t respect them that much.

  16. My life has been terrible. I hate slavery. When I wake up in the morning, the slaves are next to me and it is like I can’t get out, It is like prison. The room stinks and it is like no one had a bath. It is so irritating. This is what anoyes me every morning. Then I have to wait for everyone to wake up so I start my dull, boring day. The room is small.

    I first go to the farm to take out the food and clean it there are about 60 crops for one slave . This is a tuff job for the slaves.when I had to go to my owner I would bring some tea and say would you like some tea sir. This drives me crazy.

    In the evening I have to do other jobs for the other slaves. They have a little break. The weather is not nice because it starts raining. But it is good because everything grows. It is hard to work every day.

    Then I can go sleep with the slaves. Then this process carry’s on every day. OH!

    • I think as a slave your opinion would not matter in the time of William Willberfore, also the most important viewpoint would of been the people who own you. No it would not be the same now -a-days.

  17. The slave souls drowning in pain. The taunts they have. They get the tears of missing their family. The people who have trust that one of the delegates will come and save there life , every minute the time ticks the people trust has just been Brocken slowly by slowly. The people cry with fear as they get tangeld with a rope.The echo of there family crying.There heads spinning round and round. The question is how have I been cursed taunts the all day long.

    Human beings are human beings they have been blessed with illtelignt they have a soul they have a life they are not a object therefore this will stop. The drowning death of the poor old slaves, the skininy bones bulging as they have not had any food. The screeching sound of weeping.There eyes watering like an water fall. How people feel that they just want to die.

    You may chose to look the other way , but you can never say again that you did not know. ” can you tell a plain man the road to heaven?” Certainly turn at once to the right then, go straight forward . I am not the man I am ought to be , I am not the man I am hope to be, but by the grace of God , I am not the man that I used to be. Everyone wants a rainbow unfortuntlly there sometimes is rain.

    The slaves forced to do things the horrible people grab them rudely as if they are a object . They have been through a lot of pain,howevere the British empire will never care about they hit them with a whip how ca they do this.

    • I think this is good and that it would have been in the middle because plantation owners were the most important in the time of William Wilberforce.It wouldn’t be the same now because we don’t have slaves and plantation owners.The most important viewpoint is the plantation owners.

  18. He is thin and skinny and is good for working hard. At the end of the day he will leave and I will be upset and glad at the same time because, I like when he does his work for me but he probobly likes the ship much better than doing all the hard work for me.

    I don’t know If I can trust him sometimes because, he could steal something and you don’t know if he has or he will. That’s why I put a chair near the window so I can watch him at all times.

    He shows respect and he be’s careful when he’s on the farm just incase he pulls a crop or stands on some. If he did I will shout and he wouldn’t get an award but I’m sure that on the ship he wil get something nice. Sometimes he will work on the farm,factory and some times cleans the house then does me a tea and some food.
    I’m really nice to the lad and he’s nice to me and he knows that I get really angry so he’s always on his best best behaviour.
    I’ve always wanted a child but I’ve never had one and I’m lonely by myself he’s the only one who keeps me company.

    I’m glad that he is a slave and comes to my house, it’s funny watching him work all day. Still I wish I had my own child so he can do the work for me and that boy who works for me can stay on his fun and exciting ship.

    My sugars the best in town no wonder the boy works hard to get some and then eats it on his ship. I never know what happens on that ship he could be so happy to be on there and he’s glad he’s a slave or he could have a really bad time and is sad but I don’t know because I don’t go on that ship with him and I don’t know why happens. But to the owner it seems that he has a wonderful time.

  19. Group2
    I think slavery should have been banned in the 17th century.

    Life here is hard because I am not even allowed to talk the only time I can is when I talk to my master. I hate being a slave but I have no choice because I have to live to eat. It’s not fair I am allowed to speak when asked or spoken to. I get beaten if I don’t do as I am told to. I am soooo stressed that I only cry silently when there is no one home.

    I get beaten with a sharp twig from a tree (ETC: yesterday I did something I was asked to do but I did it wrong and my Master got sooooo angry that he first slapped my cheek soooo hard and still there is a mark then he marched out of the room and came running in beating me with a stick. And he still hasn’t said sorry and that is why he still hides me from every visitor this week.) and I hate my master he is so strict with me and he shouts and is hardly ever nice.

    The amounts of times I get shouted at makes me have a headache or a migraine. I never get medication if I am sick or if my throat hurts I found out if you have tonsillitis Big chunks of bread will help make your tonsils less swollen but it is painful helps but in my case he looks at my tonsils and says there is nothing wrong with you stop faking it. I get so annoyed when he says I’m faking it because Im not in my head I am always saying to myself I hate u soo much I know your lying because I checked my tonsils earlier and they are swollen.

    Once I was on a ship from Africa and 2 men came to me and offered me some food but because I was ill I said no thanks I’m ill It hurts to swallow food. They got a stick and beat me . I was so annoyed because no one can force you to eat something that you don’t want to eat. At that minute I wanted to throw myself out of that ship but when I tried to escape from them they took me from my hair and beat me even more until there was blood everywhere and until I couldn’t move. After that day I got scared any time I saw anyone with a stick or a cane. I’m even scared of a 2 year old because sometimes they play with sticks and I’m a 10 year old and I shouldn’t be scared of a child at that age.

    • Sanam I think that your view point would be not very useful in the time of William Wilberforce because no one really cared about slaves. I think that a plantation owner’s view point would be more important because they are really rich and everyone wants to know what’s happening in his/her life. I know that this won’t be the same now because we don’t have much slaves in the world and we also don’t have any plantation owners in the world.

      From Aleena
      To Sanam

  20. I was very I was very scard of what would happen to me as a slave it was very hard for me.Slaves
    were every were we had no space to sleep so we slept on the flour it break something at home terrifying.Some people didn’t won’t to eat because the food was horrible some slaves got wiped for that I was very very scard what had happen it was very horrible I felt like I wanted to run away find my family but all we have to is sit and get wiped for nothing.

    All the slaves were crying in pain I didn’t no what to do they gave us food that was horribale all you will her is whip,whip it was very very sad I started to cry in agony it was horribale.
    The slaves were in pain all the time we slept on cold flours it was cold as ice all we had was nothing,nothing at all.

    I was cring because I missed my family and still hope they are looking for me all the time they leave the windows open I was about to freez to death it was a night mare.

    Every single slave was in agony some slaves were about to die in pain all we could was nothing.

    Some slaves were chaind to the wall I felt really really sorry for all of them even the ones that get whipped.

  21. Group 5

    There’s no point of campaigning, you’ll only take the slaves happiness away . You can’t blame me blame the people who agree to trade rum and sugar for slaves.

    If my slaves were unhappy don’t you think they would of all ready killed me . That just proves they are happy in the life they are in .

    It’s a fair process , if we were bad then we would get locked up in prison but if we became good then we will get our freedom , same with a slave ; if they are no good then they will get sent to America but if they do there job well they will get there freedom .

    It’s not like the slaves are in an enviroment were there is no life, they do there job and get on ; that just shows they are fine and well. They work well in the plantation farm they get more rations , just like us if we do good at work we will get a good a out of money but if we do bad we don’t get a good amount of money.

    Because of the slaves our ship men get food because of the slaves we get more supplies of materials and food and because of those slaves I grow rich !

    If my slaves are sad I cant do any thing , it’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    My slaves are pieces of clay , and I am the one which moulds them into masterpiece sculptors until they are ready to leave the farm.

    i think slavery is good , actually it is fabulous ; it is luxury for me and the slaves it workes out fair , doesn’t it?

    You might think I’m a crazy man but think again I’m a man giving in my opinion
    Slavery is good and it should stay that is final !

    Slavery is

    • This will be important because in the time of the slaves plantation owners are important because they own the slaves . And they give sugar ,tobacco and some money to some people .

    • The most important view point was the people that were happy with the slavery.The main viewpoint every one focused on was the plantation owners.No cared about the slaves view point.Because if they did , William Wilberforce would not have gone through that trouble to try and prove his point that slavery is the worst idea to make food.So four words


  22. I feel very happy that I have had these slaves because they look after the plantations and they have to do it fast.They feel very tired after that so we give them lots of rest and we give them food.If they do their job good then we will give them a little cottage to live in.On the weekends we go to a little cafe or resteraunt to celebrate their good and hard work.They are really amazing at taking the food out of the ground.

    They pick the cotton off the Cotton plant really well ; they collect the sugar canes,tobacco,rice,rum and pimento.As a reward we make them bread and foods with their favourite sauces.They are rewarded by lots of luxury foods which contain the foods and items they collected.They may be wearing rough,torn clothes but if they do well we will give them some reward of some of the clothes are better than any other.We give them their choice of one of the best bedrooms in the whole place.

    They work extremely hard and they never moan about the amount of food they get to eat.They load the ships wi

    • Yes because the slave owner would have to know what the slave is doing.the best viewpoint was the slave owner because he knew what they are doing with the food.It would not be the Same now because we would not use slaves like this.

  23. I was very scard of what would happen to me as a slave it was very hard for me.Slaves
    were every were we had no space to sleep so we slept on the flour it terrifying.Some people didn’t won’t to eat because the food was horrible some slaves got wiped for that I was very very scard what had happened it was very horrible,people were in pain it was a nightmare I felt sorry for the people who were sad felt very lonely.

  24. I think slavery is a brilliant idea and I should be able to keep the person who will do my work for me and I can sit back and relax my feet why he does all the work it’s absoloutley fabulouse. I think whoever created this idea is an absolute legend and should get a noble award. Every day he will do all my work for me and grow my crops and I will reward him with sugar or a loaf of bread and he will take it home and enjoy it.the owners of the ship always tell me how much fun they have and they laugh and sing all the way. He said they have so much fun they would rather stay on the ship and not go back home and I agree with them they have so much fun and we join in with them. I enjoy listening to these story’s and then the boy will leave with his reward and the man will be so proud of him and will proboly reward him as well. When he does his work he sings a little tune and it brings music to my ears and I’m never bored and he’s never bored and he never stops

  25. Dear Diary,
    Oh my! I wish there were no slaves in this country.How could people do this?I don’t what slaves in my country because now all these people that have slaves are rich and lazy. Why can’t they do things by there selfs?we only have a little bit of food and it is so so so so so so so disgusting

  26. Dear Diary,
    I hate being a slave. It is terrible. I never get fed,I work really hard every day and I never get gratitude. My master, Sir Ramsbottom is a very vicious and lazy man because he does nothing and makes me do the work.I have to do anything he says but if i don’t do it I get beaten .Luckily I listen to him so he has never harmed me.

    The question I would like to ask you is that do you want to be a slave?
    I’m telling you,don’t be a slave! I would like to be free and enjoy my life like my owner but at the end this is what I ended up with (a slave).
    By siyaad and Ibrahim

  27. I want to get rid of slaves because they are not treated equally and the rich familes are not doing there own jobs,they are making slaves do the work for them.Its very horrible because the slaves are very tired doing all these jobs for the rich families.Lots of people feel so sorry for them because they are getting hurt by the owners and also this rich people are not going to have slaves anymore because I’m am going to stop slavery. So rich families should be slaves and learn there lesson also the slaves could stop working.The rich families are so nasty for making
    Slaves work the most. By kaamilah and Sara

  28. Dear Diary,
    Me and my dear sister were sorting out our crops until we heard a creak of the front gate.Suddenly we were blinded and strangled by a big,black bag.

    I reached out my hand to curl it up with my dear sister but when I reached out I felt the other side of the bag.I realised we were separated from each other .I curled up in the bag crying.

    I heard the sound of a mysterious person coming down a set of stairs.The person opened the bag and let me out.I let out a large breath and popped out from the big cage.I saw a person in front of me and I wasn’t surprised that it was a white person.

    I asked where we were and he blanked me. I could feel the waves beneath my feet.I knew now that I was going to become a slave.They tempted me with lovely food and with water.

    The ship stopped at a halt.BEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!
    We landed at the port of America.I was choked out of the ship and was lead to an slave auction.I was the prize.People shouted out what they would to get me as a slave.

    I was sold to a mean looking ,rich man who pushed me around.
    By Alina and Abdalla.

  29. We do not want people to be slave because we can do thing ower selfs and that mean you are being a hand full not doing thing your self you are doing the rong thing. The people are in bad condition and people are tide up and doing bad thing for them and doing the tong thing like,whshing ther close,doing bad thing, cling up and the people getting wipt by ceans. By Ellen and Rehan.y

  30. We think that slavery should be banned because everyone should be free to do whatever they want to do. Slaves deserve as much freedom as other people. They should be treated as everyone else should be treated.

    Slavery should be stopped.The reason is so slaves don’t do all the hard work.The slave owner should do the hard work because slaves need a break.Slave owners should not be lazy.Slave owners should not beat up there slaves.Slave owners should be greatefull to the because slaves do all the hard work.

    The owners of slaves buy slaves to do the work that they can’t be bothered to do themselves. Owning slaves is like being too old to do stuff for yourself .

  31. Dear Diary,
    Today, has been an awful day as White Men have kidnapped me and have thrown me on a flea ridden ship which smelt like decaying fish.I was crowded with some random innocent girls and boys.I also noticed that everyone was black and not one prisoner was a White Person.The White Men had told me that we were going to work as slaves and not be paid.I feel so homesick and melancholy because I am away from my precious family.Why can’t black people have rights for themselves and live in peace?

    My heart has leapt in my mouth because the ship has started to sail.I ponder on where we’re going and who my owner is.The White Men told me we were going to go from Africa to the land of England.I hope my family is alright without me, they are going to be heartbroken when they find out I am gone.
    By Nidal and Samira.

  32. I think this is a good idea to kidnaped people from Africa because they can become our slaves and they can do anything for us. I think we should keep the slaves because they can go and get anything for us whenever we want it. I think that the people should stop talking about slavery and saying that we want a slave because if you had slave it would be good for you because when you want something you can ask the slave.
    By Armaan and Sumaya

  33. Dear Diary,
    I hate being a slave all these work you have to do is all ways never enough they say but even plowing they fields is too much for me.Nothing gives my life freedom in being a slave. My whole life is ruind why can’t we have peace we have the rights to be a human with a life not be whipped to death.We were born to live not to suffer and do people’s chores and work.

    Ain’t peoples kids to do chores and mum does the house work,the father goes
    work child,goes to school and when the child comes home they barely make a mess so the why do u need slaves even a servants life is better then being a slave. Why does life have to be so unfair. We don’t have any choices we get kidnapped.

    We didn’t have a choice but we still get whipped because we don’t get fed so then we grew weaker. What’s wrong with these kind of people we still have a life. We are suppose to live,if they fed us and at least made it like are home and actually cared for us when we needed their support. Why can’t we have a life? I wish this happens to the people that have slaves. People and villagers who kidnapped us why can’t they actually feel how we feel its not like slaves don’t have lives.

    It’s time for the slaves to be free and actually have freedom.this should be the law HAVE NO SLAVES!
    Even we need to see are family’s and visit them because how sad should we feel without William Wilberforce we would not have been cured. By Leena

  34. We are kidnapped and put on boats. We were tied with ropes. I could see others being beat up. I could see 2 and 3 year olds crying. The feeling of sick. They stand by me watching me. I could see people being hit.

    Slavery should stop. It’s not fair on us. We have to suffer the torture of the Americans. If we don’t listen to owners we will be beaten, whipped to death or even hung. We get traded for sugars, tobacco, rice, rum,cotton and pimento.

    We have no choice. We’ve been separated from our loved ones. They don’t even give us an ideal amount of food,after all we have done fore them they don’t even appreciate it. We were loved by our family.

  35. We don’t want poeple to become slaves because people
    Want them to do stuff for them and sometimes they
    Don’t even get any money for doing it.we want
    Them to abolitionist slavering because people
    Are condition in and they need help.

    By Ameena and Abdulahi

  36. I like having slaves because they can do anything I tell them.It’s fair because they listen to us and we give them a home.If we didn’t give them food they wouldn’t have shelter of survive.If they didn’t have a shelter they wouldn’t be safe.We help them and provide them a home.

    By Ryan and Jaspreet

  37. I am set as a slave. Here is my paragraph:

    I am a slave. Not a person, not a being, a property to a rich, wealthy man.
    I am whipped everyday to do my errands; and is given nothing from doing them.

  38. I think it is very wrong to have children’s as slaves some children are maybe 10 or 12
    I think that slavery is wrong and bad.People should be against them,also
    God bought us up the same,so how can people make them slaves.It is cruel and devastating making innocent people slaves and labour.

    We should all be treated the same and never make people do the work for should do all of the things yourself and not sweet innocent children this has to change.

  39. I think we should stop kidnapping because it is harsh and vicious.where all equal and people from Africa should not be treated like that.Becuase where all the same and none of us are different

  40. I think you should stop slavery because it is cruel and really really mean. Do you want to be treated like some slaves well if you don’t then stop people from using people as there own property to sell.

  41. We think that slavery should be banned because everyone should be free to do whatever they want to do. Slaves deserve as much freedom as other people they should be treated as everyone else should be treated

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