Comprehension for Green and Yellow







Read the two letters and then answer the following questions in full sentences:

1.) What day did Norman leave home?

2.) Why do you think Norman left home?

3.) Where is the tree house located

a) The park

b) The front garden

c) The back garden

d) The school playground

4.) What do you think the letter from Norman said?

5.) Some of the language in the letters is humorous. Explain what is unusual about mum calling bees sweet and jolly?

6). How do you think mum and dad feel about Norman leaving home? Why do think they are sarcastic in their letters?

7.) Have you ever felt like this?





5 thoughts on “Comprehension for Green and Yellow

  1. 1.Norman left home on Monday.
    2.I think he left home because his parents made many mistakes ,which made him upset.
    3.Normans tree house is located in the back garden.
    4.Dear mum and dad,

    I am sorry but until you find a resolution for your problems I an going to be staying in my tree house. If you want to tell me anything like you have found a resolution then please do tell me by sending it up on the message rope.
    From Norman
    5.To make Norman think they are active and can sting him.
    6.I think they are feeling miserable , sad and alone. They were doing it because they want him to go back home.
    7.No I have felt happy and excited because I want to know what is going to happen tomorrow.

  2. 1. Norman left on a Monday evening
    2.i think he left because his parents annoyed by his parents because they made lots of mistakes which had no resolution
    3.the tree house is outside in the garden
    4.dear mum and dad,sorry i left you must really worried.
    5.she is using personification by describing bees as humons
    6.petrified,the were being sarcastic because they were desperate for Norman to come home and then but not everyday because they would feel big headed and annoy me

  3. Norman left home on Monday
    I think Norman left home because his mum and dad made mistakes that he never liked.
    The tree house was located In the back garden.
    Dear mum and dad,I’m sorry I left home and i left because you made mistakes that I never like but you can meet me I’m only in the back garden so you can meet me anytime.
    I think she was sarcastic.
    Yes when my mum tells me off.

  4. 1)Norman left on a Monday evening .
    2)His parents made many mistakes.
    3)It is in the garden
    4)I think Norman said in his letter that he is leaving and he will miss them.
    5)I think that she said that to be sarcastic and make Norman come back.
    6)Mum might be sad .
    7)no I have not felt like that.

  5. 1.Norman left home in the morning.
    2.I think that Norman left because his mum and dad made some mistakes that Norman didn’t like and couldn’t be fixed.
    3.The tree house is located in the back garden.
    4.I think that the letter from Norman said:
    Dear mum and dad
    I am sorry to tell you that I am moving out to the tree house. From now on I will be living there so please don’t visit me for what you have done. You know that it couldn’t be fixed I and I didn’t like it.
    By Norman
    5.Mum is describing them as humans.
    6.I think they are being sarcastic in their letters because they are angry and desperate.
    7.I have felt like this before a little bit when my mum said, “Fatima you can live in the shed if you want.” but I said no because it was a joke

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