Computer Music

Hello children,

I hope you all had a lovely half-term,

This week’s music challenge is ICT based using a programme called Chrome Music Lab.

You will need to use ‘Kandinsky’. This experiment is inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, an artist who compared painting to making music. It turns anything you draw – lines, circles, triangles, or scribbles – into sound.

You can find it here:

Have fun drawing different shapes and squiggles and see how each shape it turned into a sound. You can then press the play button to hear all of your sounds in a particular order. You have created your own piece of music! If you don’t like a sound you can click on the ‘undo’ icon.

If you enjoyed using this software, you could also explore Melody Maker to create your own tune. Find it here:

Have fun!

Mr Russell

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