Computing in 6 Red

Today, in our computing lesson we learnt about what is a SAT nav and how it works.

We also explored triangulation and how it works.

There are 3 satellites using triangulation to pinpoint the position of the individuals device. 

The satellites are only capable of knowing how far away the device is from the satellite so three are needed for an accurate location. 

This information is then placed onto a downloaded map and the vehicle icon is simply placed on top of the map. The computer (sat nav) then calculates the destination location and the best route to get there.

We worked in groups we explored school map and using compass we added directions on to our maps. We created navigational instructions for other groups to follow.

16 responses to “Computing in 6 Red”

  1. Steven N.

    I loved learning about satellites and how they’re connecting to SAT navs from around the world and how it locates one driver across the world

  2. Raees A.

    I really loved this computing lesson and I Enjoyedorking with my group about how a SAT nav

  3. Raees A.

    I really enjoyed this computing Lesson I had fun in this SAT nav lesson

  4. Afsana K.

    I loved computing today and we made our own route and gave to someone to follow by using a trundle wheel and a compass. I now know how a sat nag works and how many satellites are around the earth.

  5. Ridwan U.

    This computing lesson was very interesting as we had located different places using a compass and a trundle wheel.

  6. Umar H.

    I sadly missed this lesson but by looking at the photos it surely looks really fun and interesting

  7. Muhammed A.

    I enjoyed this computing lesson. A fact I found about a SAT nav is it was originally designed for boats. My favourite part in the computing lesson was when we swap our whiteboards and went to each other destination reading their coordinates

  8. Ilyas I.

    In this computing lesson, I enjoyed learning about triangulation and how it works. I also found it very interesting that satellite navigation was originally made for boats.

  9. Mishal N.

    I really enjoyed that lesson! A SAT nav is like a map in vehicles that show directions. I was also very intriguied to use a compass (as I have never used one).

  10. Sabah S.

    I enjoyed learning about what a SAT nav is and how it works as we were able to write a set of instructions to lead our classmates to an area- this helped us not only to navigate but it also included maths when we measured how much metres to move forward.

  11. Arina A.

    Wednesday’s computing session was amazing .
    Most of us learnt new words such as sat nav .
    You may be asking what is a sat nav?
    Sat= (by the way it does not mean sat papers) satellites
    Nav= navigation
    So that means sat nav means =navigation dependent on information received from satellites
    WEll done to everyone for working very hard.

  12. Xavier M.

    I really enjoyed this week as we also explored what is a triangulation.
    We located the school weather pitch, adventure with the triangulation.
    This week was amazing.

  13. Harroop S.

    I have really been embedded into the concept of triangulation and the functions of the Sat nav (satellite navigation), how it was used for boats as they get easily lost in the open waters.

  14. Aayan S.

    I really enjoyed creating our own directions to go to certain place inside the school. We used a trundle wheel to count the metres and a compass to see where north and south are. My group and I had wrote directions to the Zipline.

  15. Head Teacher

    Lovely to see active learning!

  16. Rahaniya S.

    I really enjoyed today computering lesson
    And I have seen on the picture no one is looking on the camera and from there we can have that clue everyone is working hard on computering.

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