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Confident, Musical Magic in 5 Blue!

In art week, we focused on a specific value called ‘confidence’ – what the term meant to us as individuals and how we could create an environment around us allowing us to be confident, no matter the challenge. We demonstrated this through creating some lovely, bright coloured art work based on Andy Warhol’s pop art (which you can see on our other blog!).

Here is an example of 5 Blue showcasing their confidence by being fantastic musicians! The music video has been created in a duotone filter replicating Andy Warhol’s technique called screen printing allowing colours to contrast. 5 Blue I am so proud of the collaborative team work and support you showed one another whilst filming this music video, encouraging one another to try again to be the best you could be! Well done my future star hall of famers!

5 Blue… what was your favourite lyric in this song and why?

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