Congratulations Pranay!

Pranay sat a test last month to determine whether he would be able to attend a grammar school and although nervous…..

Congratulations  Pranay!

30 thoughts on “Congratulations Pranay!

  1. well done pranay for the hard wrk you have done keep this up and when you go to university you will achieve and when somebody needs help you can help them and they will teach it frome you your parents should be so proud of you keep the hard work you amazing clown

  2. I would like to thank each and every teacher in Broad Heath who taught and guided me. As your student, I have really enjoyed your lessons (either PE or other class lessons) and I hope I didnt trouble you much. Special thanks to Mrs Frankish to always encourage me to achieve more. Another huge thanks to all my friends who supported me when I haven’t been able to solve any pro lems. Thank you very much again everyone for amazing comments and encouragement.

  3. Well done Pranay. I am really proud of you for all you have achieved and all the hard work you have done to get there. If you continue the way you are going, you will be an achiever in life. Well done .

  4. Really proud of you. The results you ascertained were outstanding. I hope you continue to gain and blossom even more. Well done Pranay.

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