Courtroom Drama-5M

During our PSHE sessions we have been thinking about the roles different people play in society. We have been learning about the role of MP’s and the need for laws in society. We took part in a role play scenario to reinforce the need for laws in society.
Listen to the evidence and comment on whether you feel a crime was committed and why. Will you find the defendants guilty or innocent?

45 thoughts on “Courtroom Drama-5M

  1. I think the victims were not guilty because the trout farmers had no proof that the boths victims vandalised their trout farm.If I was going to be the people of the jury I would agree with the victims that they were spray painting their bike.The witnesses were acting a bit funny when they were telling the story because they all told different stories that didn’t even closely match.

    • The victims were the Trout farmers. The defendants were those accused of the crime. I thought the witness statements were different too.

  2. I think it was really good because I liked being a jury and I got to decide if the vandilisers should be guilty or innocent and I said they were guilty because the things they were telling us sounded fake.

  3. I really liked it when we went to the courtroom. I was really shy when I had to do my part. But then I did my speech. I was on the bad side. I was saying that they didn’t do the crime.

  4. I think they are guilty because they got drunk and trashed the farm and after that they said they were painting graffiti on the walls which is illegal. That’s why I think they are guilty

  5. I really liked when we did that.I think they were guilty because if they had pink spray paint to paint the walls and they were drunk after have a lot of drinks.

  6. I think that they were guilty because when some people made their
    point against them they started shouting saying that they didn’t do it .

  7. I think that they are guilty because they could’ve have mixed two spray paints and it will make pink.They also went to the pub and they would have been drunk and might of gone too far

  8. I think they are gultiy because they had red yellow and blue spray paint and they could of mix the colours together and touch the trout farm.

  9. This clip is amazing and I respect that thank you miss Raja Khan , your best.

    The prousicuters are guilty because of they kept on intrupting

  10. We were innocent we’ve told you a thousand times but you won’t listen Ive got 4 witnesses to prove it they are Tamim and shazil and fareedah and azairya . And they would of said what I said to you. Me and azairya are innocent and we know it alright

  11. I think they are guilty because they said they had white and red spray paint, also white and red makes pink. They also said they drank red wine and you never know they might be drunk and do something else with out knowing.

  12. I think they were Guilty because they were at the pub drinking red wine and they could of got Drunk and did not know what they were doing.

  13. I really liked when we did that. I think they were guilty because if you have spray paint to paint the walls you might of been drunk after drinking a lot and might of forgot what has happened !! :) :)

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