Year 6 Coventry City 1987 – FA Cup Final

Coventry City snubs 1987 FA Cup winners ahead of Wembley visit ...

In 1987, Coventry City won the FA Cup final. This was a great day for everyone who lived in Coventry.

The final itself was full of tension and drama and eventually Coventry City beat Tottenham Hotspur.

Activity 1:

Watch the videos and read the articles linked to this blog. I want you to write the impact of this win. You need to think about:

  • Impact on the city and reasons for this.
  • Impact on the people of Coventry and the reasons for this.
  • How the diversity of the 1987 Coventry City players inspired a generation of footballers?
  • Why Coventrians have fond memories of this event?
  • Discuss 3 school values that link to this event and how the team achieved this.
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A collection of goals from Cyrille Regis who sadly died two years ago

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  1. The impact of this win made the people of Coventry more hopeful for the future and more inspired by football so that they could play football more and be sporty and learn new things so they can become even more popular in the future. The school values the team would have used are perseverance, teamwork and resilience.

  2. After this win, the people of Coventry had more hope for the future and we’re really happy. They celebrated and were proud of themselves. The Broad Heath Values that links to this is: Resilience as the team didn’t give up. Brilliance is also associated as the team were doing brilliantly and won the FA Cup Final and took away the trophy. Teamwork was also one of the crucial values that helped the Sky Blues win as you have to work as a team to win a football match.

  3. The impact of England winning the world cup is that more people would be more interested in football and now it gave us more hope that England can win again. Also, little children will be more insipired to become famous footballers.

  4. I that winning brought the team together and I believe that it gave Coventry more confidence. Also now, it gives Coventry hope that they can win again.

  5. The Impact this had was that it made them closer as a team. It impacted Coventry as a whole because people are now inspired more to become a footballer and have fun.

    • Well done Jamie, a good response. It definitely bought Coventry together as a community. I remember everyone was so happy and accepting.

  6. The impact of Coventry winning the cup was that more people would be interested in watching football and people would be inspired to become footballers and play football. This is because they could be the ones to win the cup for Coventry. Coventrians have fond memories of this as the city succeeded in a great achievement. The team would have used to use perseverance, individuality and teamwork.

  7. Coventry won the FA cup against Tottenham and they won, Tottenham scored the first goal, this even was held at Wembley stadium in London.
    Brian Kilcine went up to her royal highness and collected the trophy in pride because it took Coventry city 104 years to win the FA cup final.The prime minister was there to watch them and support them.
    Although Brian burrows didn’t make it to the finals but played in the other rounds he didn’t get a medal.
    After there big win the Coventry football team went on a bus and traveled along Coventry celebrating The FA cup all of their hard work has paid off.

    • Well done Sofia, your answers are thorough. I remember when Coventry City Won the FA cup. The atmosphere was electric. I went with my dad and joined in the celebration, honking the car horns, flying the flag. Everyone was elated and hugging each other.

  8. The impact this win had made the people of Coventry proud and inspired. Also when they were a goal down against Tottenham they didn’t feel down or anything they felt they could still win and worked as a team and won.

  9. The impact this had on Coventry is they worked together to win the trophy and they never gave up. Tottenham scored 2 points and they knew they had to step up their game so Coventry city scored 3 points this means we should never give up if we dont give up it would mean that we are stronger together.

  10. The most important thing in football was they worked as a team and they didn’t argue about if they didn’t score a goal . They also showed resilience (never give up ) because if they never scored a goal they wouldn’t get angry or anything they would just carry on the game and keep trying as hard as they can . Also if they lost they would also shake hands with the other team and congratulate them whereas some teams would just give them an angry stare .

  11. The impact this win had for Coventry is that it made people happy and proud and probably inspired the people of Coventry to become footballers and win major trophies. It also taught the people to show resilience because Coventry was losing but they kept on persevering and won the FA cup.

  12. The impact that it had on Coventry was that it made a lot of people happy and it may have inspired more people to become a footballer. Winning the World Cup could of made people feel like Coventry could do anything If they work hard and try.

  13. The impact this had on the city was spectacular as ,like in the video, it shared that Coventry had waited for this for 104 years. That is something incredible, also it showed that Coventry was a resilient city as they never stopped supporting their city when they lost or when all seemed terrible, in one of the videos there is a scene showed where the whole city was empty like a ‘ghost town’, this shows how much a game at Wembley means to the city. The impact on the people was again spectacular because they have been waiting 104 years to go to Wembley and support their city, and when you finally find out you are going and their is a slight chance you can win, then everyone begins to feel excited and overwhelmed with joy. This then displays the care and emotions that they have for their team. I think the diversity within players inspired the next generation of football players because there were so many different types of people but when put together they all wanted the same thing so it didn’t matter where you were from, what religion you believed in because they needed to work as a team to win. Coventrians still have such fond memories of this game as it was an incredible event that will never be forgotten because everybody watched it live on TV or live at Wembley so that event will be and is apart of Coventry history.

    Optimism – Fans never lost hope and didn’t leave their team.
    Resilience – The team didn’t give up when thing went wrong.
    Teamwork – The players put their differences aside and played together to win.

    • I remember the FA cup well . The city came to life with everyone celebrating. How do you think Coventrians feel about being the City of Culture?

  14. I think when Coventry city beat Tottenham they were feeling proud of themselves because they beat a really good team. The impact of had on Coventry was that it made them happy and proud of themselves. Also when they were down by 1 goal in the first few minutes they were like we can make a comeback and they did because they were all positive and that’s why they succeeded with great teamwork and a positive mindset.

  15. The most important thing was that they worked as a team and had resilience so that they could be together as a team. But if they did not win they would still be happy because they tried their hardest.

  16. Summary of the game
    In 1986–87 Coventry won the only major trophy in their history as they beat Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley to win the FA Cup.The season began with low expectations, following the previous season’s relegation battle, and they lost the opening game 1–0 at West Ham. But this was followed up with a win over Arsenal and they didn’t lose another game until 4 October.They remained in the top half of the table for the remainder of the year, with Cyrille Regis and Dave Bennett showing improved from in attack and the defence conceding few goals. They scored a notable victory against top-of-the-table Nottingham Forest in November. and on 27 December they played a thrilling game against Tottenham which finished 4–3, Regis scoring the winner in the final minute.The FA Cup run began with a third-round tie against Third Division side Bolton Wanderers, managed at the time by future Coventry manager Phil Neal. City won 3–0 in frozen conditions,Greg Downs, Regis and Bennett the scorers. Coventry’s fourth round match was against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Returning from the team’s brief trip to Spain to escape the cold George Curtis told the press “Our name is on the cup”, but United were the firm favourites. The game was once again played on a frozen pitch and Coventry won the game 1–0 through a Keith Houchen goal. Recently appointed United manager Alex Ferguson cited City’s better play for his team’s defeat, saying “their players were prepared to risk life and limb — ours weren’t”.
    In the FA Cup final, they beat an impressive side 3–2 in the final after extra time, the score having been 2–2 after 90 minutes. It is generally considered as one of finest finals of all time in terms of footballing technique, fair play and sheer excitement.

    Impact on the city and reasons for this.
    The impact of the win on the city was that there was some new life in what they did. This is because the team won, Coventry was a cheerful place and saw everything in a new light. There were parties everyone was being invited to and everybody was celebrating the win.

    Impact on the people of Coventry and the reasons for this.
    The impact of the win on the people was that they were so happy and cheerful, nobody could be sad on that day. Just to see the smiling faces of some people was enough to make another person smile back. The people of Coventry were partying even in the night. It wasn’t only the people of Coventry, the players were quite bright and happy too.

    How the diversity of the 1987 Coventry City players inspired a generation of footballers?
    Because there was a mix of race in the football team, other footballers who had not started to play in the premiership yet were inspired to get better at football. They would think that if the footballers that won the cup were the best footballers in Coventry why couldn’t they be the best to and then they would work harder to be one of the best footballers too.

    Why coventrians have fond memories of this event?
    Coventrians have fond memories of this event because it was a spectacular win and it was one of the best days for the people of Coventry. They have fond memories of this day because the team had made them proud.

    3 school values that link to this game
    Teamwork- The football team worked as a team to score a goal.
    Perseverance- Even when the other team scored a goal, they weren’t disheartened, they carried on the game to the best of their ability.
    Communication- The team players communicated with one another to explain to each other strategies to score a goal.

    • Wow this is amazing Hadisa! You have spend time researching about this event throughly and applied this knowledge in answering the above questions.

      Do you think this event created a greater community spirit within Coventry? How do you think this helped to promote inclusion within the UK?

    • Great research! Tottenham scored the first goal in the match within a few minutes of the start of the game – how do you think the Coventry City players were feeling then?

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