Coventry City Match Tickets Competition.

As the football season is now well underway and the school football squad is training hard ready for their first match, we have a competition for you to win 2 tickets for any Coventry City home match.

The rules of the competition are simple,all you have to do is complete this sentence:

I want to win the CCFC match tickets because ……………………….

The competition will close on Monday 19th October and the winner will be announced via the blog on Wednesday 21st October. We will be looking for the most interesting and original answers so GOOD LUCK!

17 thoughts on “Coventry City Match Tickets Competition.

  1. I want to win the CCFC match tikets because i have never been to a match in my life and i want to spend time with my dad because he alwayes goes to work. I want to see how it is like in the football ground. And tell my freinds about my eperiance and they might go next time and help me encorege the teams to win .

  2. I want to win the CCFC match ticket because,I really want to meet James Daniel Madison in years and this is my final chance and I want to improve with my skills and goals.After, when I’ve learnt these skills I can teach my friends and make them feel like a star.
    Now I will tell you 1 fact about him:
    James Daniel Madison is a English professional Coventry city footballer who plays as a midfielder .

  3. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because it would be a great experience to see my roll models in action and that I would like to see Jordan Willis (which is a defender) play his part in the team.

    I would love to visit the football ground at the Rico arena and to stand and cheer to encourage a great performance. That is why I want to win the tickets to see CCFC! Thank You!

  4. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because Coventry City are doing well in league 1 and if they can continue they will promote to the Championship.If they promote people will be more aware of how Coventry City are doing.Also less people will say that Coventry City are rubbish because WE ARE NOT!!!!It is good to stay informed with how Coventry City are doing and not just the Premier League.

  5. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because the sky bothersome booming banging blues win trophies including the fantastic fabulous F.A cup and unbeaten in 25 matches because there strikers are fleet and defenders impede.Get in there Cov fourth YOU CAN make the final push !!!

  6. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because I want to see our city play against another city live. I have never been to see our city play. I really want to see a live match!

  7. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because I have never went to a real match I only have played it and watched it on T.V that is why I want to go to a REAL match.i would love to go there.

  8. I want to win the CCFC match tickets because, I want to improve my football skills and go further in it and learn more . I would put time into my work and art of football. I would teach people so people who else can go further and join Broad Heath football club and it will inspire people and when there older they might be able to prove there a star. I hope I win but if not I will still keep on practising.


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