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15 thoughts on “Coventry inspired 🎶

  1. Well done to everyone who contributed to the above music videos,they are great! I agree with Mrs Frankish,Anora & Co made an amazing performance.

  2. I really enjoyed making my own music about Coventry. Hadisa’s group had a nice tune to it. Also I liked the beat and rapping that Anora’s group had. Well done to all groups!

  3. Writing the lyrics about the diversity within Coventry was fun as we got to express and share a message.As well as this I hope children & adults will learn about Coventry’s history.

  4. I enjoyed Aliko, Suardo and Maria’s because of there amazing and meaningful rap. However , everyone tried well and portrayed a good meaning.

  5. Anora and co…what a message- city of culture would love this…
    The rest too were good but the quality of rapping and message from Anora’s group was sublime. If this was polished and tweaked a little- think we could submit.

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