Coventry Primary Schools Cross Country Championships.

Broad Heath has been invited to enter a team or teams of 6 into the Cross Country Championships. There are 3 races each lasting 1 mile/1500 metres (which is equivalent to 4 times around our school field).One race is for boys only on November 15th 2014,a race for girls only on January 31st 2015 and a relay championship for both boys and girls on March 21st 2015.

All of the races will be held at Keresley Grange Primary School in Waste Lane Coventry (which is around 3 miles from Broad Heath). However each race is taking place on a SATURDAY. This means,obviously,you will not only need your parents agreement to race but also they need to arrange transport for you to get to the race and back home.

If anybody is interested in running,please check with your parents of your availability to be able to 1) run and 2) you can get there and back.

If so,please either see me in school or simply reply to this blog indicating which race or races you wish to compete in. on the race day parents,family and friends are all welcome to watch the race and support you.

Mr Mountford

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