Coventry war experience

Today we had a fantastic opportunity to visit the Coventry cathedral ruins and the transport museum!
This was really beneficial as we are learning about historical war settings in literacy.

Complete the challenge below to showcase your learning.

Brilliant/Amazing/Fantastic: Write what the blitz would have been like (using adjectives, adverbs, 5senses, facts about the war)

Terrific/Excellent/Green/Yellow: Write a diary sharing what the war was like.
Dear diary,
I have spent the night in the anderson shelter with my neighbours…..

Blue/Orange/Red: Write as though you are in the war, what can you see? how do you feel?
Describe your surroundings?


Vocabulary you may use:
Blitz      rationing     drones     air raid     sirens      shelter       rubble
shrapnel        evacuee      evacuation       cathedral     

62 thoughts on “Coventry war experience

  1. Dear diary
    I was in a Anderson shelter because I twas world war 2!!!
    I could smell rotten vegetables I could gear spitting bombs it went on a house and the next one and the next one up when I glared out of the windows a metalablative war plane was so ring and chopping through the smoky clouds but then happily the siren went of and Coventry was saved

  2. People were scared about home hitting boms home there families

    A man was a solider in the first war and leader of the next war he was in Germey and he wanted to take over the whole world his name begins with an a

    The people were terrified to hear the war sieron

    When they hear the air raid Sirens go off they will come out of the shelter

    Only 50 people could fit in each shelter

  3. It is the 14th of November 1940.I woke up and saw drones above dropping bombs all over the no longer safe city. I felt terrified and I didn’t think I belonged hear. As soon as I heard the siren I ran out of the shelter and all I could see was damaged bulidings, bombed houses. I could smell gas,smoke and I was terrified when I saw the church which has now become a cathredal

  4. 4.1939 to 1945 through related that conflicts began ealier.
    5.August 1939 Gemany and the soviet union paritioned and territoies.

    i carried on

  5. In the darkness,I could see german air raids dropping thick bombs around me sending wonderful houses to orbit.It was like a gigantic
    tornado sucking up houses but much worst.I felt so hesitated i was going crazy just then … i felt wobbly and weak i coulden’t breath it felt like i was having fit aaaaaaa it hit my house…gigantic bombs were surrounding me smashing my house and the windows

  6. Facts about would war 2

    1.Germany was ruled by a man named Adof Hitler.
    2.During the causes of war German foresees advanced through Europe.
    3.The blitz was scary and cold because there was lots of bang bang noises.


  7. War experience:
    I was sleeping when I heard the bang.I was really sleepy but the bang was loud so I went to see what was happening.I was peeking through the window,when,suddenly…I saw a house explode to ash.What was it that exploded the house?Who did it?I thought.Then I heard sirens,it could only mean one thing.The Germans were coming!I saw the the air planes spitting down bombs onto the land!Suddenly…CRASH!The window smashed and a sharpen pierced through my skin.I couldn’t feel my arm.Red blood dribbled down my arm.To be continued…

    • I wasn’t that hurt but I was hurt.I was really scared,and ran to the shelter. Suddenly…a bomb exploded in front of my face.I froze. I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to get to the shelter but I was too shocked.😱😱😱😭😭😭😨😨😨😰😰😰 Move Elyass move! I told myself. Then I ran and slid down the rubble. Phew,I made it.😪😪😪😪

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