Create your ‘Isolation bucket list’ (Friday Part 2)

Good morning and welcome to Fantastic Friday. Mrs Hurt’s blog requires us all to celebrate our achievements during lockdown. Following that blog I thought today would be a great opportunity for you to create a bucket list for the remainder of summer.

Below are several really good examples of other people’s bucket lists and aspirations for summer.

Your task is to write 8 (EIGHT) personalised goals you would like to achieve, experience, learn or simply do during isolation.

Your challenge is to think of 2 (TWO) of the most special experiences or places you’d like to visit once lockdown is over.

Well done 6W, would have been lovely to see 90 bucket lists uploaded from all the children in year 6.

69 thoughts on “Create your ‘Isolation bucket list’ (Friday Part 2)

  1. My bucket list
    1) To do lots of crafts
    2) Have a spa day
    3) To make a blanket fort
    4) Play a new game I’ve never played
    5) Make a kite
    6) Relax outside
    7) Plant flowers
    8) Try a new recipe for e.g Bread and Butter pudding
    My two things i want to do after Lock down
    1) To go on holiday
    2) Stay over at my grans house

  2. My bucket list:

    1.exercise sats paper
    3.reading games documents films and other films
    6.more exercise
    7. cook with my mum

  3. My bucket list!

    1) Complete My Homework Set On The Blog

    2) Bake Cupcakes Or A Cake

    3) Paint My Room

    4) Do The Daily Joe Wicks Exercise

    5) Do 200 Steps Around My Garden Daily

    6) Plant some plants in my garden

    7) Make a functional game on Scratch

    8) Paint a picture of any sort

    Two places I would like to visit when the lockdown ends is Maldives and New York

  4. 1)Play football
    2)Do my sats papers
    4)play in my garden
    6)do my tasks that have been set for me.
    7)Eat chicken wings
    8)run on my treadmail

  5. 1. I would like to have a sleepover
    2. I would like to throw a birthday party on my birthday
    3. I would like to have a water fight
    4. I would like to cook more complicated foods.
    5. I would like to do some gardening
    6. I would like to have a picnic with my family
    7. I would like to play pranks on my family just for fun
    8. I would like to watch movies with my family
    After lockdown, I would like to go to Dubai and Somalia.

    • 7.sleep
      8.ride in my bike

      Places I would like to visit after lockdown :America and canada

      (there are loads more places I would like to go but I can only write 2)

  6. Make oragami.
    Do some exercises.
    Learn how to play uno.
    Create a collection of bottle caps .
    Play water fight.
    Take a bath.
    Make an app for live class room .
    Stop shaking my hands .
    Make a bucket list .
    Win fortnite .

  7. 1. I would like to do exercises for 15 – 30 minutes every morning.
    2. I would like to play football more with my brother.
    3. I would like to meditate for 5 minutes every day.
    4. I would like to read more every day.
    5. I would like to draw more new things.
    6. I would like to eat new type of foods.
    7. I would like to play more board games.
    8. I would like to bake some cakes.

    Places I would like to visit after lockdown:

  8. My bucket list is:

    – Keep revising for SATS using blogs and cgp books.
    – Keep learning for my Arabic school.
    – Playing games with my brothers.
    – Helping my mum doing chores.
    – Spending time with my mum and dad.
    – Watching a movie or documentary
    – Eating healthy fruit and vegetables
    – Having free time( mostly spent playing video games with my friends online).

    Once isolation is over I would like to visit Hawaii. ;)

    • I love idea 1! My sister and I once made a prototype board game and tried to get funding to launch it as a product (we were rejected). It was based around the board game ‘Escape from Colditz’ and was called ‘Escape to Sherwood Forest’. We were rejected for finance but 6 months later someone made an updated version of Escape from Colditz and you can now buy it in Waterstones! Fools!!!

  9. Some lovely ideas guys. Well done. Make sure you try to achieve them.
    My bucket list so far has been,
    To create a canvas painting which I haven’t finished. Some lovely tips from Miss Vega
    To paint the house
    To order a garden swing which I’ve done.
    To improve in my faith which I have started extra lessons
    To create a bird table
    To persuade my husband to buy a baby kitten which I’m working on 🙏🏽
    To enjoy my family and be grateful for the little things I have.

  10. I have already did my bucket list
    Such as:
    1) Bake a cake ( takes 30 minutes to bake)
    2) Exercise 45 minutes week
    3) Would eat a healthy fruit ( 5 times per week)
    4) Finish my English and Maths sats practice papers
    5) Play some Board Games
    6) Comment on the blog evrey week
    7) Read some books
    8) Enjoy the hot weather

    • Very nice Yahya!

      Try 30- 60 minutes of exercise a day.

      45minutes a week means 9minutes a day (meaning you wouldn’t need the 1 hour 15 minutes you get daily for break and lunch aha.

    • Love the board games idea! That’s exactly what I will be doing! There’s a few good (and free) online Escape rooms that you may enjoy. Check the age suitability first but there are some for children that are good fun.

  11. 1.) I will use constant breathing exercises.
    2.) I will keep being active in my garden.
    3.) I would like to bake a cake.
    4.) I would like to make my own drinks.
    5.) I would like to make my own ice lolly.
    6.) I would like to draw beasts of fantasy.
    7.) I would like to start making my own game.
    8.) I would like to design clothing for my virtual group.

    After the lockdown has been raised, I would like to visit Dubai and France.

  12. Task 1
    I would want to help my mum
    listen to my mum
    I want to do wudu pray and read Quran
    I want to play with my sisters
    I want to sit in my big garden and sit on the fake grass with the shining sun
    I want to learn
    I want to ride my bike and spend time with my family

    I would want to go back to school
    I want to go back to the mosque

  13. I have already created a bucket list and I have finished quite a few of them such as:
    Finishing my SATS papers ✔️
    Finishing my SATS busters ✔️
    Finishing all of my previous bond books✔️

    The ones I have left are baking cookies, making cookie dough and painting more realistically. Speaking of that, I am really upset we didn’t get to complete the mural of Ayesha but I used those tips from Miss Vega to improve my paintings. I have also been following Bob Ross tutorials.

    • So am I! I am sure that when we go back to school (whenever that may be) we can find a way to finish the Mural! I am glad you remember my tips, Bob Ross is a legend!

  14. 1) Have a BBQ in the garden
    2) Beat my dad at least 20-10 at football in the garden
    3) Bake a large cake
    4) Read Harry Potter book 1 ( Philosopher’s Stone )
    5) Read Harry Potter book 2 ( Chamber of Secrets )
    6) Read Harry Potter book 3 3/5 at least ( Prisoner of Azkaban )
    7) Read Harry Potter book 4 1/5 if I finish 3 ( Goblet of Fire )
    8) Watch the Harry Potter series all over again

  15. I will create a bucket list and write an example on the blog.
    1)Read Watership Down.
    2)Complete a puzzle.
    3)Make paper cranes.
    4)Play a card game with my siblings.
    5)Bake cookies.
    6)Learn a new language.
    7)Enjoy the weather.
    8)Sketch more frequently.

    Places I would like to visit:
    1)Dubai-It is known to be a beautiful place to visit.
    2)Paris-I would love to climb the Eiffel Tower!

    • I love the fact that 1 is to read Watership Down!! What a book… Oliver Twist is an amazing book if you haven’t already read it (in fairness I have read it 4 times so even if you have)!

  16. My Bucket List

    1) Recreate a London landmark using objects from around the
    2) Learn a new language
    3) Meditate for 15 minutes every night before bed
    4) Give money to any sort of charity( a charity to help the needy or
    an organisation which helps endangered animal species )
    5) Learning a new cooking/baking recipe
    6) It would be nice to spring clean my house
    7) Spend quality time with my family
    8)Make someone happy every day
    2 places I’d like to visit once lockdown is over are Dubai and Tunisia

    • You’re a very talented young lady and I wish you the best of luck in achieving all this.

      What language are you thinking?

      Mr Janjua is currently teaching me Arabic fluently and I’m teaching him Urdu (it’s an interesting task)

  17. 1. I would like to play football every day.
    2. I would like to drink lots of water because it tastes nice.
    3. Finish my book set.
    4. Have a watergun fight with my brother.
    5. Get 3 and a half hours of exercise everyday.
    6. I would like to see what clear coke looks like.
    7. Enjoy the hot weather.
    8. Bake something.

  18. I will create a bucket list but I will show you what I will write on the blog:
    1. I would like to learn more about calligraphy writing.
    2. I would like to make cakes.
    3. I would like to eat fruit everyday.(I usually eat it 5 times a week).
    4. I would like to play more sports with my family.
    5. I would like to paint more.
    6. I would like to make new board games.
    7. I would like to make lemonade.
    8. I would like to enjoy the whether with my family.
    Where would I like to go:
    1. I would like to go to Dubai because it is my favourite country and I have always wanted to go there.
    2. I would like to go to Pakistan because my family lives there and it would be great for me to see them all again.

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