Creating Perimeter People in 3 Blue

We had a great Maths lesson today by putting our problem solving skills into action and creating our own perimeter people! We started by drawing a person on squared paper using just the squares and a ruler. Then we had to work out the perimeter of our person!

Answer the questions below. Make sure you write in full sentences and explain your answer!

8 thoughts on “Creating Perimeter People in 3 Blue

  1. We disagree with Whitney because you have to measure all the sides to know the answer. And also she wouldn’t know what all the sides equal altogether.

  2. Task 1:
    his mistake is that he counted wrong because the top bit is 6cm and the bottom is 6cm and the 2 sides are 3cm long so Amir is half correct.
    Task 2:
    Wrong because each side is 4cm. by counting it carefully you will see that it’s 4cm.

    • A good try Said. I am not sure which question you have answered for each task. Try this again and write the question number next to it.

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