Creative cookery

The children at Broad Heath have the chance to develop so many skills, many that will equip them for the future. The cookery classes help in a range of ways ranging from social skills to life skills.
What would you like to cook if you had the chance to choose?

17 thoughts on “Creative cookery

  1. I would like ……



    Chocolate cake




  2. I really enjoy seeing the children being so engaged when following the instructions and then watching the look of awe and wonder when they realise that they have actually made the food in front of them.
    The pizza was perfect ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Love this children. We are trying to give children life skills because cooking good food will ensure you have a healthy life. Could you learn to make soups, could we make tortilla, could we make vegetable slices? Lots of simple ideas, suggest one.

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