Cricket Club- Spring 1

In Spring 1 children from Years 5 & 6 have continued to learn new skills in Cricket Club and are now looking forward to putting all they have learnt into practice on the cricket field.

I am particularly impressed with the standard of the bowling and fielding,especially the catching element with some stunning catches being taken during our games.


1) Where is the 2015 Cricket World Cup being held ?

2) Who are the current Champions?

3) Who do you think will win this time and why?

2 thoughts on “Cricket Club- Spring 1

  1. I think it looks like best and all the uther clubs looks the best to ndand including the school l like the best the school is beatfull to beceaus l love the waterfull with all the colers with lote green to and pink and Blue and White and purpell to and red and black and
    Yellow and orang and gold and silver to

  2. The 2015 world cup is held by two countries which are new
    Zealand and Australia and last times world cup in 2011 was held by Bangladesh,India and Sri lanka.In 2011 India won and beat Sri lanka.I predict Austraila would win because they have a advantage at home and are agressive in bowling with Mitchell Johnson a fast bolwer and their captian Steve Smith who is in top form and batting brilliantly and the fielding and formation is good but I think England will go into the final because they are winning games and with a new captian Eoin Morgan they have nwe setup and so far they have a winning streak and keep that up and their brilliant bowling will go handy as they have got lots of brilliant bowlers like Andreson and Chris Woakes so I think that Austraila and England to go to the final this year.

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