17 thoughts on “CSE Training in Year 6

  1. Thank you Natalie it was a useful information and also I learnt that you should’nt put your account or profile outsife your house people can see your account or profile send you a text and saying that there are 13 but there aren’t there older.

  2. I have learnt that you should always put everyone of your social media on private to make sure your being safe online.Also never give your personal details to anyone even friends.

  3. I learnt that there are websites such as think you know and ceop that give you information and track down cyber bullies.I learnt how to keep settings on private because if you don’t,anyone can access your personal information and we learnt by the activities you can find out where they live,which school they attend,who are their friends and more.

  4. I learnt that if you are social media other people can see all of your information and profile. If you don’t want people to see your personal information you can block other people from it. Another useful thing I have learnt is that there is a website for learning more about online safety and for your safety.

  5. I learnt that you should always put your profile settings on private.Also there are websites such as CEOP and ThinkuKnow to know how to stay safe online.

  6. I learnt that when you have an account you should only accept friend requests if you know them. Also I learnt that you should never meet up with people that you don’t know as they could have lied about themselves, this situation has happened number of times especially on children. Social Media is the same as the outside world, you would never talk to a stranger who talked to you but in social media people tend to talk to strangers without noticing. The video that the lady showed us helped increase our knowledge on how to be safe online. There are many websites (CEOP and Think U know) that you can report about something that you feel uncomfortable and is inappropriate.

    Thank You

  7. I learnt many new things that I found interesting and fascinating from the lady from the Children’s society.
    I learnt that if you have a Facebook or any social media website you should always set it to private on the setting as many people could download yours pictures you have put on it. In addition, you must never befriend someone you don’t; many people act young when really they are old. Not everyone is who they say they are online.

    Another thing I learnt, was that any inappropriate, unsafe or uncomfortable things and pictures must be reported to any trusted parent or carer. Also any personal information( like your home address, email address or mobile phone number) must not be posted.

    There are many website(CEOP and ThinkyouKnow) that can help if anybody send a inappropriate message or picture and can block them.

    Thank you!!!

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