Year R Yearly Overview

    Communicaton and Language PSED SMSC Physical Development Literacy Mathematics   The World EUMM WOW
            Reading & Writing Number SSM      
Autumn 1 All about me and My World Following Instructions
I am a good listener.
Trying new activities.
New Beginnings Which times are special and why? • Developing control and coordination of movement.
• Handling equipment and tools, including for writing.
• Learning about healthy diet.
• Managing own hygiene.
• Hears and says initial sounds in words.
• Links sounds to letters.
Names and sounds the letters of the alphabet.
• Writes own name.
Writes names and captions.
• Matches quantity to numeral (1-10).
• Selects the correct numerals to represent 1-20 and order.
• To count objects to 20 and beyond.
• Making & describing patterns.
• Use mathematical language to describe shapes and objects.
• Who I do I look like?
• What are my likes and dislikes?
• All about my family.
• To talk about events in their own lives and that of their family.
• Self Portraits
• Joining and Sticking
Book Week
Autumn 2 Fantastic Lights Getting On   Celebrations:
•Bonfire •Night

• Pattern making
• Seasonal Art
• Singing
• Christmas Nativity
Visit the Enchanting World of Santa

Reception Wellbeing Day.

Bonfire Night
Spring 1 Our favourite Stories • I can listen to stories and respond.
• Expressing ideas through talk.
• To answer how and why questions.
Citizenship Which people are special and why? •Developing control and coordination of movement. • Handling equipment and tools.
• Learning about healthy diet and exercise.
• Managing own hygiene and personal needs.
• I can get dressed all by myself.
• To segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together.
• To use phonics knowledge to decode words and read them aloud accurately.
• To write a short sentence like structure.
• To use quantities and objects to add and subtract.
• To find the total of two sets.
• To add and subtract two single digit numbers.
• To count on and back..
•Prepositional Language
• To order objects according to size.
• Stories from a different country.
• What is a forest?
• Animals and where they live.

• Story-telling through role play.
• Dancing and moving rhythmically.
Using musical instruments to represent animals.

Visit the school & local library.
Spring 2 People Who Help us? Choices Roles in the community:
• Fire Service
• Paramedics & Doctors
• Police Service
• Teacher
Joining and constructing Visits from:
Fire Service
Police Officers
Paramedics and Nurses.
Summer 1 Mini-Beasts and Growing • Expression of ideas, including real-life and fictional ideas.
• Using past, present forms of language.
Communities Where do we belong? •Maintaining control and coordination of movement.
• Handling a range of equipment and tools effectively.• To do up zips and buttons.
• To read and understand simple sentences.
• To read common irregular words.
• To demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.
• To write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others.
• To double, halve and share.
• To solve addition problems.
• To add and subtract single digit numbers.
To use everyday language to talk about size and time. •Mini-beasts in our current environment and around the world.
• Talk about changes.
I can design, make and test models. Visit to the Butterfly Farm.
Summer 2 Journeys Changes   • Different forms of transport.
• Take a journey to Egypt.
Visit Ash End Farm

Lets visit Year 1.