Hi everyone, Miss Shilton and I are back with our DAILY PE session, helping you get towards your 30 minutes of physical activity. Anyone can take part, and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Today before the session, if you would like to suggest a song or an activity please post on the blog.

13 responses to “Daily PE – Wednesday 23.6.21”

  1. Mohammed I.

    Sorry I have missed it

  2. Irfa M.

    I don P-E with my brother.

  3. Sarina A.

    I have sone the pe

  4. Ahmed B.

    I have done the P-E with my sister

  5. Aarav R.

    I missed it for the second time!😭

  6. Hammad A.

    it was fun

  7. Abdullah K.

    I will join

  8. Lusardo M.

    It was so fun

  9. Kai D.

    I joined for pe

  10. Lusardo M.

    Justin Bieber Power and yummy bear

  11. Kia J.

    ok will join

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