Dance Club Success!

Years 5 and 6 have had the chance to come to Dance Club this term.
They have worked great together as a team and come up some good ideas to add to the dance we have been choreographing.
We are growing our knowledge by watching a mini clip each week on different aspects of dance.
We are also trying out new moves in our freestyle session.

Well done ‘DANCE CLUB’ I am very proud of you all.

Dance Club Year 5 & 6


Fun Finish

We Love to Boogie

10 thoughts on “Dance Club Success!

  1. What a show!
    I was lucky enough to see some of the teamwork and learning taking place. You are so wonderful and it was great to see all of you enjoying yourselves (especially Mrs Wright).
    Well done

  2. Don’t forget Team it is our last Dance Club session next Tuesday (11th October).
    Looking forward to seeing you all do ‘The Greatest Showman’ and having some FUN! See you all on Tuesday.

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