Dare 25 graduation!

Today all of Year Six graduated from their “Dare 25”programme. It was an absolute pleasure having officer Dare Ali come into school for the past 10 weeks and teach us about sensitive topics. It was lovely to see how mature the children were when discussing these issues and showed respect to each other. Everyone felt they were in a safe environment to discuss their thoughts and feelings. Furthermore the children gained in expanding their knowledge and addressing misconceptions around certain topics eg illegal and legal drugs. Well done Year 6, you all continue to make us very proud!

Thank you very much officer Ali, we have certainly gained from having you teach us about issues on knife crime, drugs, effective communication and bullying. Furthermore we can now help both ourselves and others if we ever find ourselves in such situations. Congratulations on your graduation Year Six!!

7 thoughts on “Dare 25 graduation!

  1. Really proud of you Y6, I hope you ensure the values and expectations we have taught you stay with you for life, stay away from knives!

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