Day 3: Bee Evacuation

After the horrific morning we had yesterday, we didn’t think this would happen today… Evacuated from our class, we had to stand in the cold whilst our school caretaker attempted to remove a bees nest from our classes! Bees? In October?

How bizarre was this morning?

Please let your parents know that everything is okay and we are safe… for now!

How are everyone’s stories getting on?

9 thoughts on “Day 3: Bee Evacuation

  1. This morning has been bizarre!
    We arrive at school to be evacuated from our class and we lined up in the the MUGA.
    We stood there in confusion. As soon as everyone arrived Martin lowered the barricades and we entered the classroom to se the classroom in a state. From Abilene we knew that we had to write out story to end the curse. I think my story is doing very well but I can improve on my synonyms.

  2. This morning was very bizarre. Every teacher was either busy getting shouted at or preparing for the day. All the teacher were confused. Although to fix this we planned our secret island stories. Our story were fun to write I think I need to edit and improve my story.

  3. This morning was strange! We had to line up outside our classroom. All staff members/teachers were getting shouted at , when we started to walk into the classroom it was a mess!, after we started to plan our work. My story that I produced was good however I think I could up-level it even more .

  4. This morning was crazy! We had to go straight to the MUGA then we lined up outside outside our classroom. We got shouted at for playing the game in the first place. We discovered there was a feather or wing to something which was covered in golden glitter. From yesterday, we know that there was also golden glitter, on the map. We are currently trying to write as many secret island stories as possible.

  5. When I came to school the morning was crazy
    The teachers said all year 6 classes where a mess in 6 blue class there Was a smashed window which is fixed now.
    When everything was fixed well most things where fixed.
    When we went into our class room it was a mess we cleaned it all up.
    So then when we where finished cleaning the classroom we went to do our work.

  6. The morning was very bizarre. Teachers got shouted at as we stood in confusion. We entered class with a astonished sight to see that the classroom was messy. My story was a nice experience to right I’d say. It could do some improving but overall the outcome was great.

  7. This morning was bizarre. Every teacher in the year group was really busy. They were either getting shouted at or is getting ready for the morning. However we started planning our walk. It was really fun but challenging because none of the teachers had a clue what to do.

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