Day 4: Miniature Wolves have escaped!

A BING BONG announcement:
“I have a message for year six staff! The staff room has been left in a horrible way! Crumbs and litter scattered across the floor. I am very disappointed, in this school we care for our environment. Teachers should be role models! I will be speaking to staff this afternoon!”

We sent a few ‘detectives’ to take photos- look at what they have found below.

What can you see?

Children chose to create ‘wanted posters’ to place around school- in hope we can save the Island from turning into dust!

14 thoughts on “Day 4: Miniature Wolves have escaped!

  1. I can see footprints scattered across the walls and floors, a chaotic event has occurred. We need to stop this as soon as possible. Miniature wolves have taken the blame..

  2. We can see minature paw prints all over the floors and table. Wrappers and chocolate crumbs were left on the counter . The staff room was left in a bad mess. Teacher would clean up after themselves using a hand hoover.

  3. I can see that there are footprints and chocolate crumbs and empty cupcake cases and cracks on walls also I can see that there are gull feathers scattered around the floor.

  4. I can see fluff, mini paw prints and wrappers everywhere!!! This staff room was in a bad state. Usually the teachers clean after themselves with a hand hoover. Who could have done this?

  5. I can see lots of chocolate biscuits and the vacuum glass was broken there was footprints on the floor, the tables were all messy with chocolate and biscuits are every where and it was all messed up the staff room was full of biscuits.

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