Day1: An unusual game

Monday, I woke up, had my regular breakfast and rushed eagerly to school. We all started the day as usual, got our stationary out, completed our challenges etc etc. Whilst waiting for the English date and title we overheard Mrs Sharma and Mrs Ahmed bickering about some random box. In Six Red, you learn one thing…Mrs Sharma doesn’t like clutter and Mrs Ahmed doesn’t like changing plans.

However, with it being the first day every child in Six Red was actually in school we persuaded Mrs Ahmed to let us open the parcel. Marley and Esha opened the parcel and revealed a very large scroll and pouches of counters and dice. We noticed the scroll was a map. Perfect. “Please Mrs Ahmed can we play the game!” “We can link it to our learning, please please!”.

Of course, our wonderful teacher chose to listen to us! We unfurled the map on the table and all joined in! Arina, Afsana and Ilyas read the story linked to the game. Steven and others read the instructions for the game and we began. Rolling the dice in pairs. Each time scoring worse than the turn before! In the end, we lost the game!

To be fair, we passed the game on to the other classes (in hope they would win). We completed learning linked to the game. We read the stories, learnt about the animals and illustrations from the map! Below are examples of our learning!

What did you infer from the game?

Six Blue and Six White- what was your experience of the day?

22 thoughts on “Day1: An unusual game

  1. This game called the Lost Islands has lots of vibrant colours a# it is really illustrated. This game is really fun,I enjoyed it .

    This was really challenging as we don’t know what the rules was. But eventually we found out how to play and we enjoyed ourselves in our class.

    There were these things called dust counters. We had dust counters, five rocks and dice.

    The rules were we have to roll the dice and there are these rules and a message I have no clue about.

    There was a picture of a Golden Bee, Miniature Wolves and Giant Gulls.It looked really good.

    It also said under 300 points all of the map fades away. I do not know what that means.

  2. Today, I arrived at school as normally and put my stuff get in and doing our challenge suddenly we randomly a box was at the back of the classroom Esha and Marley opens the box and we played it the map.

  3. I just went to school hoping it would be a normal day but what I didn’t know the day was actually going to be abnormal.
    It was actually amazing that we got to play a game in school but in year 6!! Now that was very abnormal.

    The game was very intense as we lost and lost and no other class was able to win. Our score was in negatives which was very bad.

    I infered that the map had lots of dust and heart tokens.
    The island hand lots of mysterious destinations scattered around the map.
    The person who made that map has created many annotations around is such as:
    Golden bees, miniature wolfs and giant gulls.

  4. On Monday,we unfurled a map which was a game. It was so fun. Me,Arina and Ilyas read the story.It was about an island that turning to dust.We has to roll two dice and if we didn’t land on the heart tokens,we had to put a dust counter down. With every dice throw we continued to lose so many dust counters and lose the game. Then we did a double page spread about the game.This day was so fun.

  5. Today, it was a day like no other. I woke up eager for a new week of school.
    I had my regular breakfast and rushed to school.
    However, when we was doing our date and title, until we heard Mrs Sharma and Mrs Ahmed bickering about a mysterious box that appeared in thin air. Our class opened this mysterious package and found out it was a board game.
    Since, all of my classmates were in school we manage to persuade our wonderful teacher to let us play.
    Of course, our teachers let us play. We unfurled the map on the table and all of us participated.
    Each time scoring worse than the turn before.
    And soon enough, we lost!
    We passed the books on to the other class and unfortunately they lost too!

  6. The game was a mission On a lost island experiencing short time with mythical beasts and animal.Darkness comes to earth if we lose.
    Everything will be normal if we win.

  7. The game was an adventure on a lost island experiencing moments with mythical beasts and animals. Darkness descends when we lose. Everything stays normal if we gain victorious.

  8. I can infer that this game was about a fictional lost island. I enjoyed learning how to play the game. I enjoyed reading bout the illustrated creatures.

  9. I can infer that there was a illustration of a miniature wolf that eats biscuits,golden bees and giant gulls there was paw prints which could be a sign of the miniature wolf and their was golden dust which,also cans be a sign of the golden bee there’s currently no sign of the giant gull.

  10. From this map I can infer that there are animals and plant such as, golden bees, miniature wolves &giant gulls. In order to save the island from becoming dust we need to win the game by collecting at least 3 of each sacred stones before the 10 minute timer ends.

  11. When we opened the box the map looked cool
    The map had golden bees, gulls, minture wolves. we have started to play we have a 10 minute timer.
    When we where rolling the dice we where keep on loosing tokens
    We did not know what to do.
    The timer ended we lost the game we have less then 300 tokens.

  12. Today, we saw a package at the back of the class and we decided to open it. When I saw this package I felt curious if we should open it or not

    We also saw a story which linked told us what is going to happen and how this game was made. It had beautiful illustrations of some creatures such as: Giant gulls, Miniature wolves and golden bees.

    However, when we started playing it I was excited it was fun to play but unfortunately we lost.

  13. It was the start of the week, we came in school and saw a parcel. We received a parcel which was unusual. Everyone felt confused. Once we open the parcel there were dice and dust tokins and scroll of paper. We unfurled the scroll of paper and we saw a map. We persuaded Mrs Ahmed to allow us to play the game however once we finished playing we unfortunately lost the game.

  14. I can infer that the map was kind of old as it was slightly brown and I know that this map contains very unusual animals such as the miniature wolf which has a sweet tooth as it likes to eats biscuits 🍪.However,I didn’t really like the game kind of boring and everyone kept bickering and laughing really loudly (kind of like a hyperactive Ayan SI’m not being rude but I really don’t like it)They also argue of who rolls the dice.However it was fun to write about It and I really like the golden bees and the miniature wolves.

  15. On Monday I thought this would not happened on Monday but the game a little bit good but when we came to school this Wednesday then we saw a golden Fether we thought it was a bee

  16. I can infer that the map felt a bit weird and it had quite colourful roads .
    The game was quite fun. As everyone unfurled the map we read out the rules. I can tell the map is quite old as it was a bit brown. It had shown some animals on it. The ones I mostly liked was miniature wolves , and golden bees but there are giant gulls. We only played because all the children begged Mrs Ahmed and because Mrs Ahmed is really kind she changed her plans just to let us play the game.

  17. It was a start of a week like no other but there was a cardboard box at the back of the class?
    We opened it and it was supposedly a game. We unfurled the game on the table, Arina,Ilyas and Steven read the instructions and then all the class said “ Mrs Ahmed can we play the game.” Due to her kindness she let us play the game,unfortunately we lost but then annotated the pictures.

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