Dazzling Daniels

Daniels is a superstar!

At the start of the year in September Daniels joined 2C unable to read and write independently. Daniels didn’t enjoy writing, reading or joining in. Here is Daniels’ first piece of work he completed in September:

Daniels 1:1 work

However, with hard work and the help from everyone in 2C, Daniels has pushed himself day by day. He is now able to:

  • Listening and understand the task set.
  • Complete his date / title independently and on time.
  • Write and form sentences correctly in all lessons.
  • Segment and blend words in his reading book.

He has also moved up 5 reading stages and is currently reading at a ORT Stage 6. In the summer term he was awarded the superstar award in 2C.

Have a look at his most recent piece of writing he done, INDEPENDENTLY! 

He was even able to go back and self-assess his own work on his own.

Well done Daniels Mr Carter and Miss Harrison-Brandon are very proud.

 Keep up this amazing work.

8 thoughts on “Dazzling Daniels

  1. Since posting this blog about Daniels, he has pushed himself even further!
    Producing outstanding independent writing, reading challenging words such as ‘inspire’and receiving the Citizen of the Week award today :)

    Who will be our next superstar 2C?

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