Dear Lovely, Wonderful Year 5 Children,

I am writing to you now because I want you all to achieve your best and I’m worried that some of you may not be doing so at the moment. I want to hopefully help you understand a few things about what your teachers and LSAs are doing for you. I also need to sort out a few concerns that we have in this area, so please read carefully and ask if you are not sure. I need you all to respond to this blog to tell me that you have read and understood its message.

Firstly, your learning tasks are posted at 9am every day for you to complete. Your teachers are monitoring the tasks from 9am every day to make sure you complete the work. We know who’s completing it and who’s not. If you don’t complete your work that day, you waste our time and not one of you would want to do that, would you? We are putting a lot of time, energy and effort into ensuring that you continue to achieve your best, so please give some time, energy and effort back!

Please prioritise learning from the day we are on, e.g. if it’s Thursday, do Thursday’s work first. Going back to yesterday’s work may be tricky, especially if it’s an LbQ task or Education City where it will have timed out and the code no longer works. We found it very interesting when some of you on Thursday said you’d completed Tuesday’s work- you didn’t, because the code had expired!

As I’ve said, we are monitoring your efforts and I am worried that some of you are giving us very little effort at the moment. It’s very easy to type “Done it” but we want to know how well you are doing, so responding with “Done it” or “Done it in my homework book” doesn’t help us do that. From now on, if you complete your work in your book or on paper, I’d like you to give more detail about what you did, how you did it and whether the task was tricky or you found it easy. If you found it tricky, explain which part was tricky and maybe we can help? Where possible, give your answers with explanations on the blog. That way we can see how you got on by reading your comment and we can respond in a way to help you best. If you complete an LbQ, Education City, Rising Stars or Purple Mash task that we set you, we can see your scores and how well you did so you don’t need to explain these, but please let us know you have completed them.

Your teachers and LSAs respond to every comment you make on these blogs. However, most of our comments are being ignored. Please go back to comments you have made on previous blogs to see our feedback and respond again. Some of you have additional questions to answer, and most of you will simply have praise from us. Surely you’d want to read that!? Remember- this is the only way we can communicate with you at the moment so please take advantage of it. We want to know how you are, so tell us!

As always, if you have any questions please ask us. You can because we have this website and the blog to help you during this difficult time. Not every school does. Take care, stay safe and we’ll all see you soon.

Mr M

102 thoughts on “Dear Lovely, Wonderful Year 5 Children,

  1. Thanks for the information Mr Mashford I do understand that what your trying to tell me so I will keep up the hard work as everyday I am doing pages of homework and trying my best to put all that effort in it so I hope you stay safe and everyone so thank you =D

  2. I have read your message and I know what you are trying to say I have done my presentation nice and neat and I will keep on trying to do that I have done all the blogs.✅😀

  3. Dear Mr Mashford,
    I understand what you are trying to say.
    I will try to do my work everyday from now on.
    * TYSM for the infomation.
    * means thank you so much.

  4. Thank you Mr Mashford i have read and understood your message so will try my best to fully complete all work and leave good comments for you.

  5. Yes I have understood at some blogs it doesn’t let me comment on them, so I sometimes make my own tasks up like handwriting and fractions maths.

  6. I have read your message and I understand. We have had problems with our internet this week at home and that is why i have not completed some work. I have completed some work in my book aswell.

  7. Hi Mr Mashford hope you are well I have read your message and will do the best i can. Stay safe miss my friends and teachers take care everyone.

  8. Good morning Mr Mashford
    I have read your message and I understand what you want us to do.
    Thank you very much for all of the teacher giving us work so we can work extra hard and i miss school very much.

  9. Dear Mr Mashford,
    I have taken this message forward.I have realised that i am not putting in the right amount of energy in the work as i could be I know you teachers are trying your best to help us so i am going to start trying and go beyond.Can’t wait to see everyone (maybe in July).

  10. Good afternoon Mr Mashford,

    I’ve read your message to the year 5 pupils and I understand you are worried were not putting as much effort into are work, so I will try my best and I’ll try to challenge myself.(;

  11. Dear Mr Mashford,
    I have read your comment and I am sure I will do what you told us to do.
    Thank you for letting us know.
    Hope your safe and hope to see you soon.

  12. Thank you for all the work u are posting ..
    I appreciate it so much..
    I have read and understood it..
    My parents check my homework in my boom and go through it if I don’t understand..
    But i will write on blog and i have been doing my work..
    Thank you all year5 teachers and mrs Frankish to sort us work daily..☺️

  13. Good Afternoon Mr Mashford,
    I have read your message and understand what you mean. I will put a lot of effort in my work and make it the best it can be .See you soon.

  14. Hello Mr Mashford hope you and your family are safe . I have been working from 8 am till 3pm with breaks in between . I have read your message and understand it .Thankyou.

    • We would love to see your work Pooja. Please complete some of the work on the blog, or give us examples so we can see what you’re doing and how well you are getting on with it. Thank you for replying to my message.

    • Thank you Youssif, I am glad you are reading the blogs and hope you are keeping up with your work.
      We miss you all very much, hope you are well. :D

  15. Mr M i read the message and i kinda don’t get what you mean by you will be monitoring us because i never got my homework book so i’m writing on paper so how will you be monitoring me if i am doing my work on paper how will you know that i have been doing my work…I AM CONFUSED

    • We are monitoring your responses to the blog, as well as LbQ, Education City and Purple Mash, which is why I’ve asked you to respond in more detail on the blog and where possible to answer your work on the blog. I hope that makes more sense Mubarig.

    • Your work has been amazing and Mrs Frankish sent me your diary to read. It was amazing! Some really good language in there.
      We miss you all lots too and we are just as sad that school has closed.

  16. Good morning Mr Mashford,
    I have read your message and understand what you need us to do.
    Thankyou for your hard work to make sure we are still learning. I will put more effort in too 😊

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