18 thoughts on “Delightful decimals

  1. We had a five digit numbers first you look at the colum and then you order then in ascending order after you look at the one that is the lowest

  2. The first digit after the ones are the tenths.The second digit from the ones are the hundredths.And the third digit from the ones are thousandths.

  3. Tip:if there’s 5numbers and they all have the same units then look at the tenths Column and you can order them also be careful when there’s numbers like 0.02 or 0.006

  4. If you are ordering numbers;
    1) look at the whole number however if the whole numbers are the same then look at the tenths and so on.
    2)When you are adding a number for example a number with no hundredth but tenths add a number with hundredth then the number with no hundredth add a 0 in the hundredth column.
    3)If you are ordering then don’t get confused if one number has 1 tenth with no hundredth and the other number has no tenths but one hundredth remember tenths has the most value after the decimal point.

  5. If you have decimal numbers that need to be put in order then you need to look at the whole number first. Then the tenths, hundredths then the thousandths if it has any.

  6. To Year 5:
    Don’t forget if you’re stuck look in th tenths,hundredths and thousandths columns.
    Because if you’re arranging smallest to biggest it’s important.
    Be careful if a number is 0.008 because you could get confused.

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