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Democracy Rules!

In the UK we have a legal system built on democracy. This means everyone has a voice but the majority win. This means there will be occasions when your vote is the opposite to what you have voted for.

Next week the country votes about leaving the European Union, people have already voted to leave but there are many who disagree and want this changed.

Should we be allowed to change something when the majority want it?

In school terms, the majority want a longer break. They win but the minority are not happy with the result.( You also have to remember that no one knows how anyone voted.) They want a shorter break, they are not happy at all and continue to protest. Is this fair? What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Democracy Rules!

  1. Yes it is because everyone should be allowed share there opinion even if the majority think otherwise we need to keep both sides happy and equal

  2. In my opinion it is fair because everyone in this world should be able to share their opinion on how they feel.I also think this is fair because everyone has their own opinion to what is fair and unfair.It is also fair because people have their own point of view.

  3. Yes because multiple people want it to change and on the ONTHER hand no one wants to leave the Europeain so if the onther side win it should be allowed.

  4. I think that this is completely fair because everyone should be allowed to express their own opinion and share their point of view on subjects and things. These people have a right to tell us what they think is best and why they think this. Even if the majority thinks otherwise, we should process the thoughts that others have and respect them. Then, we should come to a sensible conclusion which would suit both sides of the argument and make them both equally happy. However, to achieve something like this, we would need to be way more mindful and thoughtful about the people who are aware of this argument but in a different way of thinking.

  5. We shouldn’t be able to Change things if the majority vote for it because it would not be fair for everyone else who doesn’t want to.

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