Describing Materials.

Today in Science the Caterpillars were describing the similarities and differences of materials.

We looked at 3 materials and they were;

Play dough, Wood and Lycra.

Watch our video to see what we found!


Name the differences between Lycra and Wood.


3 thoughts on “Describing Materials.

  1. The difference between lycra and wood is that lycra is flexible and wood is rigid.
    Lycra is strechy and wood is strong.
    Lycra is smooth and wood is hard and rough.
    Lycra cab strech then flick back as it’s original,average and normal shape.
    Lycra can bend very easly and wood can’t bend at all because it is rigid.

    The difference between a rubber and modelling clay is that modelling clay can twist and it is twisty and if you keep twisting it then it will break and if you twist a rubber it wouldn’t twist and isn’t twisty and it is rigid.
    The modelling clay can bend and a rubber can’t bend and us still rigid.

    The difference between a stone and play doh is that a stone is very well rigid and play doh is really weak.

  2. The difference between play-dough and wood is that play-dough is Flexible and
    wood is Rigid. The play-dough is soft and smooth and Bendy and stretchy
    and squishy. The wood is hard strong and smooth and it’s not stetchy and Bendy and squishy and soft.

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