Descriptive Sentences

Below you can find 3 interesting pictures from a beautiful board game called Dixit.

Your task is to write 3 sections of writing, one on each picture.

You must include:

*expanded noun phrases

*interesting verbs



Here is an example for the first picture.

Boldly, Alina stepped up to the enormous, metal doors. She tapped her stick on the floor and slowly, as if suspended in time, the colossal doors crept silently open. She peered through the crack, the hair sticking up all over her body.

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  1. The girl 👧stepped towards the gicantic, metal doors. She tapped it on the floor quickly.She tapped it very quickly dust and sand spreaded everywhere. She tentatively crept and the door silently opened. She peeped through the the big crack. As a big beam of light shined towards her.


  2. As the wind howled the curious man stood in front of the tatty ,wooden door . The door started to open up slowly while the man gazed at the door with a surprise . In between the solid doors light started to shine as bright as a star .

    Under the salty ,blue water there was a ship that was quite small and sunk in the beautiful water . On the outside of the small ship there was a big hole .

    During the day time there was a dad along with his daughter . They were holding a colourful umbrella . On top was a big group of birds

  3. 1.The little boy 👦🏽 saw two huge, silver gates and he wanted to open them.He tried to push but he couldn’t.He pushed harder and it opened.
    2.At the beach 🏖 there was a large wrecked ship 🚢 .It had a humongous hole and it didn’t look 👀 good.
    3.There was a lot of rain 🌧 and an umbrella ☔️ was covering the people from the rain.

  4. 1.the prince was worried as he gazed upon the huge metel gates.
    2.the boat was magical with something colourful inside.
    3.the girl was exited cause she’s a pond

    • I don’t think the girl is a pond!!

      Make sure you use capit al letters at the start of sentences. You can usually toggle this on with the arrow to the left of the keyboard.

  5. 1.The little boy looks very frighten when the large door was opening.
    The doors looked very old and rusty.
    The doors were opening very slow.

    2.The boat was all ripped and old.
    The boat was very dirty.
    It looks very weird and scary.

    3.The dad and the girl looks very happy.
    The umbrella looks very big and orange.
    There was a lot of birds.

  6. 1.Couragiuosly, Alina stepped up to the gianormous, rusty metal door. Suddenly the door started opening as soon as she clicked her stick on the floor. When she took a peep through the door, a giant bright light flashed in her eyes.

    2. In the distance, there was a torn apart, wrecked ship with a gigantic hole in the centre of it. Shockingly, a random glowing heart appeared in the darkness of the gigantic hole.

    3. On a blazing hot day, a farther Walked into the beach with his little adorable daughter, holding a massive colourful umbrella . Above the umbrella, a flock of multicoloured birds floated bye .

  7. Bravely Alina stepped to the enormous silver shiny metal doors.She banged her lage wooden stick on the floor the slowly the lage metal doors creeps open she peered through the gap.
    The dad hold the daughter hand gently and put the orange unbrella over them both.

  8. 1.Alina studied the metal door,she saw a little glimmer of a yellow portal beyond the door.She tentatively open the door.The yellow portal was blinding. She hopped into the yellow,blinding portal.

  9. 1) The prince was surprised about the gate with the light shining through the gap ,it was rusty it opened slowly.
    2)In the hole was some kind of heart it was pink but was glowing and was white in the middle.
    3)The Dad with his daughter in the the rain holding an umbrella she was on a stone so the dad held her hand.

  10. 1) A young prince gazes at a extremely large metal gate, with a shining bright light creeping through its gap , the young prince take’s a large beep breath and approaching it with extreme nerves.

    2) Old ship abandoned long time ago , left there lonely and sad , holes in the bottom of ship by lying on a side so sad , and in its hay day sailing the ocean, know left to rot away on the sand .

    3) Father and daughter out in rain , as she likes to see the thunder and lightening in open, her father carrying a large umbrella shielding them from heavy rain , as they look into the sky to see the marvel of lightning cracking noises , banging in the distance as the lightning flashes.

  11. School started again , waking up early no more late nights, brushing teeth softly gently, eating breakast fast .
    Mum shouts ” hurry up lads “,
    Ok mum, say Faizan and Armaan,
    Door opens , the bright light shines so bright , blinding me, its that time back to school again.
    First steps out the door , l felt like Neil Armstrong, first step for boy , one more step closer to broad heath school for 4Red student.
    Soon like magically arrived at big steel gates , a smiling on my face saying goodbye to mum and dad, here we go, through the big steel gates, l go.

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