Digestive system experiment in 4 White

Today we carried out a scientific investigation in which we found out the parts of the body food travels through. This demonstration included an experiment which recreated the digestion process in the classroom. Using household items such as pair of tights, orange juice and a pair of tights, this demonstration enabled children to visualise the process of digestion in an engaging and practical way.

Answer these questions in the comments below:

What did the bag, orange juice and tights represent in the investigation?

What do we obsorb in the body through the intestines?

What was your favourite part of the investigation?

3 thoughts on “Digestive system experiment in 4 White

  1. 1. The bag represents the stomach , the juice represents the acid and the tights represent the instance .

    2.The food are absorbed in the tights .

    3. My favourite part was when the food in the cup came out . That was called poop . It was really really funny .

  2. 1. In the investigation, the bag represented the stomach, the orange juice represented the drink and the tights represented the esophagus.

    2. In the intestines, nutrients are absorbed.

    3. My most favourite part was when the food was coming out of the cup, it was disgusting.

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