Can  any family let me know if they would be interested in getting a cheap kindle again.?  ( There would be 50 % off the price)We need to ensure that you have access to online learning and I know having a kindle has helped. I want to ensure that children have the  opportunity
to view the teachers teaching . This was a request from some parents last time that they would have liked to see how things are taught.

Many thanks

Mrs F

26 responses to “Digital devices”

  1. Rehaan K.

    I am not interested

  2. Xavier M.

    Am interested to get 2 tablet please. Thank you

    1. Head Teacher

      Will add you to the list.

  3. Iqra Y.

    I am interested in buying a tablet for Zakir as his is broken
    Iqra’s Mum

    1. Head Teacher

      I will add her to the list.
      We are ordering next week.
      Mrs F

      1. Head Teacher

        Sorry him as I thought it was for Iqra.

        1. Iqra Y.

          No worries mrs frankish

  4. Abdullah K.

    Hi i am interested to get two devices.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok will add to the list.

  5. Samantha N.

    I would like to order 4 tablets. If its possible.
    Thank you Samantha’s mum.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok, please can you tell me who these are for??

      1. Samantha N.

        I would like to get one for myself, my husband, One for Samantha because she gave her’s to her grandma and one spear one if it’s possible.
        Thank you Samanthas mum.

        1. Head Teacher

          I may have to limit this because the Devices are being paid for by the school at 50 % discount. This was being done to help the children first.

          1. Samantha N.

            So can I take 2 tablets please?

          2. Head Teacher

            Yes I will order you 2.

        2. Head Teacher

          I can order you 2 .
          This will be done next week, thank you.

  6. Awais W.

    Hi iam interested in getting 2 tablets please.
    Thank you

    1. Head Teacher

      Will add to the list.

  7. Jari V.

    We would like to get a kindle please.
    Many thanks.

    1. Head Teacher

      We will add to the list.

  8. Umama H.

    How much is the price all together.

    1. Head Teacher

      It is £25

  9. Adrian O.

    Am interested to get one of the devices. Thanks

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you, I am making a list.

  10. Said M.

    Hi am said mum said is 1 red
    I want to order one kindle Thanks.

    1. Head Teacher

      Thanks, we will be assessing the need in the next few weeks and I will let you know if/ when ordered.

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