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Hello KS1 dodgeball club. Wow what an amazing time we’ve had learning the rules and skills involved in dodgeball. You’ve all done so well and have tried really hard with aiming and throwing the ball to get the other team out.

We hope you had as much fun as we did. Can you answer some of these questions to share what you have learnt?

What skills are involved in dodgeball?

How can you get somebody out?

Where should you aim the ball?

What have you enjoyed the most?

Enjoy looking at these photos, and well done again.

Miss Bhandal, Mrs Jones and Mrs Harkins :)

 SDC15409 SDC15404 SDC15406 SDC15408

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  1. In dodgeball the skills I developed are throwing and catching, I have also improved my dodging skills. To get someone out you musrt hit the ball at someone, but you can also get someone out by catching the ball. You should aim the ball at the someone on the opposite side. I have enjoyed playing against my brother. I also enjoyed playing with miss Bhandal, and being with my brother.

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