Dol-y-Moch adventure day

Good evening everybody,

Today has been a little bit windy with the odd shower but overall we have been lucky with the weather, however when the weather has been windy and rainy we haven’t been too bothered because we have waterproof and windproof clothing – it is so warm and keeps us safe . We are all having lots of fun and taking on many challenges safely. 

Here are a few snaps of some of the things we have done today. We did kiaking, indoor rock climbing and absailing and some of us were brave enough to go and do it on the mountain! Those of us who didn’t absail down practised our climbing skills we have developed and took an easier alternative route down. 

We are having an amazing time and are looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure. We have had a massive dinner of pizza, wedges and beans with ice cream for pudding, it’s now time for the evenings activities. 

Love from us all at Dol-y-Moch

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