Dol-y-Moch Information – 22.4.22

22.4.22 Hi everyone. I have checked the weather for where we are going. As it stands, it will be overcast, with the temperature averaging around 15 degrees. I will be packing a combination of hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeve tops as well as shorts and sports trousers. Try to not over pack as you need to carry your case but have a little of each.

Miss Shilton and I are very much looking forward to our trip. We will see you on Monday. Please arrive in school between 11:45am and 12pm. Any questions – comment below and I will get back to you.

Hello. On Monday 25th April, when the children return from the Easter break, some of Year 6 will be going to Plas Dol-y-Moch. Please check this blog for any updates over the holiday. If you have any questions over the holiday, please comment on this blog. We will check it regularly and get back to you as soon as we can.
Below is the powerpoint which we shared at the parents meeting with all of the key information on it.

Key details:
Children need to arrive in school between 11:45am and 12pm on Monday 25th April.
If entitled, a lunch will be provided for your child before we leave. Otherwise, send a lunch in as normal. The children will eat when they arrive in school.
We will be departing at 12:45pm.
Children will return on Friday 29th April.

Medication If your child requires any medication (e.g inhaler) or travel sickness tablets, please bring them in a separate, named, disposable bag and give them to either Mrs Morris or Miss Shilton on the morning of travel.

It is a long journey to where we are going. Phone reception is also difficult to get when we are there. The blog will be updated as regularly as we can through ourselves or our contact with Mrs Frankish. But as we said at the meeting – no news is good news. Your child will be busy making memories.


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    • Hello
      No children don’t need to and aren’t allowed to bring snacks. If entitled to a school lunch, one will be provided tomorrow. If not, send lunch in and your child will eat when they arrive in school before departing for Dol-y-Moch.
      All meals are provided when we are there.
      There is a tuck shop which Miss Shilton and I will open in the evenings. Children will need money for that but please do not send notes, send change only.

    • You can certainly pray in the morning and at night and during any free time you have once we are back from activities. We won’t be able to provide time during the day as we will be leaving the centre in the morning for our activities and generally not returning until around 4pm.

    • Just had to Google what a GoPro is, Yahya!
      No electronic equipment is allowed, Yahya, as we don’t want it to get lost or damaged.
      Miss Shilton and I will make sure we take lots of photos.