Dol-y-Moch -mountain day

Good evening everybody, 

We are settling down for the night after our hot chocolates but wow, what an amazing day we have had! First we had to get all of our kits, waterproofs and windproofs along with our walking boots ready to climb Moel y Gest a small mountain. We set off around 11am and reached the summit between 1:30 and 2. We had a celebratory hot chocolate at the top before our climb down. We were in 2 groups and each took slightly different routes. Group D walked back to the centre while group E walked down past some llamas and fields before heading back.

We had a lovely dinner which was sausage (vegetarian sausages were an option too) mash, yorkshire pudding, sweet corn and gravy. We had chocolate cake and chocolate custard for pudding.

Miss Redhead and Miss Shilton opened the tuck shop and we had some treats, they also tried to teach some of us to play pool, which was fun – who knew it involved angles! 

After dinner we got all kitted up again for a night time line walk. We had to walk in the dark following a line it was tricky but we made it.

We have achieved so much in one day, we are very tired and very proud of ourselves. 

We will keep you updated on what our adventure will be tomorrow. For now enjoy the pictures.

Love from all if us at Dol-y-moch

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  1. What fun, like the idea of a tuck shop. You need energy when you are doing all of this exercise and facing new challenges. Keep on gaining and having fun. Please take care and see you Friday. X

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