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Dol-y-Moch – September 2018 – now open to Year 4!

Broad Heath have been invited to Dol-y-Moch again in September 2018. This visit is for children in Year 4 and 5 children, who will be Year  5 and 6 in September 2018.

The visit will be from Monday 17th September to Friday 21st September 2018. The cost will cover all lodgings, food, activities and specialist equipment for the visit.

The total cost of the visit is £299 but school are subsidising this and the the cost to parents is £150.

We have 20 places avaliable and these are available on a first come, first served based. Letters are avaliable from the office and these must be signed and returned with a £50 deposit to secure a place.

Payments for the trip can be made in two ways:

Option 1 – The full amount of £150.00 paid when you secure your place or

Option 2 – Deposit of £50.00 by Friday 25th May at the latest.

Second payment of £50.00 by Thursday 29th June at the latest.

Final payment of £50.00 by Wednesday 18th July at the latest.

Please see the office or Miss Dewar if you have any questions.

17 thoughts on “Dol-y-Moch – September 2018 – now open to Year 4!

  1. I am DEFINITELY coming to Dolly Moch, to experience rock climbing and canoeing, also to improve my physical skills and to make all my fears disappear!

  2. Awe!Tats sad,year 6 have to leave at that time!😩😩But,you are very lucky year 5 and the new year 6 (after the old and forgotten yr 6 leave🙁)You are lucky indeed you will be going AGAIN on a absolute fantastic trip😍👍🏻

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