Doly Moch Trip-Year 6

In July, we will be taking 10 children to Doly Moch for 5 days. Please can you let the office know if you are interested in going on this trip? The trip will cost around £100 for 5 days.
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114 thoughts on “Doly Moch Trip-Year 6

  1. Mrs frankish 10 children have gave there forms in and i was the 7th one to give my form in today.I gave a 10 pound deposit but i am wondering when you are going to give us more information on the trip?

    • More information will follow after the holidays- in fact you were not number 7 as there were other forms that had not been counted. I am trying hard to get extra places.

  2. Mrs Frankish my mum and dad had a very massive argument and they both said no then I was upset so then my mum cheered me she said I can buy the new Ipad Mini I know I really wanted to go But I couldn’t go…Im sorry For not attending :(

    • Gurjit, do not worry. We all have to follow the instructions and wishes of our parents. Even at my age , I have to do what I am told by my mum and dad.

  3. Mrs frankish my mum said i am alound to go and so did my dad this mean i am going.My mum filled in the form.I am going to hand it in tomrow morning.

    • Firstly, I hope dad is okay. Make sure you bring the letter to the office as soon as you get to school, it is the first 10 with a deposit who will go.

    • Firstly- Mrs is not respectful! There are 10 places and first come with the deposit with secure a place as long as BEHAVIOUR and attitude to learning is good.

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