Dovedale overnight 12 children 3.10.22-4.10.22

The annual visit to Dovedale is taking place. The 12 children attending have been spoken to so this post is for you!

Monday 3rd October 2022 – arrive in school as normal
You will leave school after lunch on the Monday
Tuesday 4th October 2022 – return home by 5pm.
Collection Hanford Close

What do we bring if we are staying overnight?
*Pack a small overnight bag (P.E kits/Pyjamas/toothbrush/ toothpaste/ face towel and deodorant)
*Wear warm outdoor clothes and hiking boots on Monday. Make sure you bring your waterproof coat etc (as it explains below).
*Tuesday, you will need your PE kits and hiking clothes ready – see the list below.

*Dinner and breakfast will be provided.
*You will all make your own sandwiches in the morning with Mr Inman and Mrs Janjua.

What do I wear?
(Walking boots or trainers with strong grip and ankle support)
Waterproof jacket: It will be windy and wet! (You must remain dry, once you become wet you will get colder throughout the day)
Warm clothes: Jumpers, woolly hat, waterproof gloves for grip
Backpack: To store lunch, drink and healthy snacks

Children should wear comfortable and sensible clothes suitable for hill/mountain walking.

Can I take money?
There will be no need for money as there are no shops on site.
No money, no electronics or games.

If there are any questions, please come and ask!

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