6 thoughts on “Dovedale Trip Update

  1. We had so much fun.Me,Ryan, Omayah were the first to climb the mountain.When we got to the top of the mountain it was really windy.I was in Mr Patel’s group with
    and lots more.On the way to Dovedale me,Ibrahim,and Khuzayfah sang songs and told jokes.When we were climbing the mountain we saw lots of sheep poo.It was lots of fun.

  2. We had so much fun.
    Me and Khuzayfah were the 1st two up the mountain.
    Mr. McCabe was 3rd up.
    On the way to dovedale me,keon and nidal told jokes and what WWE superstars we knew.
    Also leena and nidal and me kept arguing whos going to climb the mountain first,looks like it was me.haha.
    I was in Mr.McCabe’s group with
    Mohommed loan
    There was lots of sheep poo near the middle of the mountain. There were many sheep and some of them had red and blue on the back of there neck.On the coach we had more than 5 people be sick. Khuzayfah and ibrahim stepped in poo. Mr.McCabe and Miss sahin’s group lead the other groups sometimes. Miss Sahin lead half the time and Mr.mcCabe lead half time.so yeah we had fun.
    Bye.I hope the rest of the school had fun at school

  3. Hiya guys it’s just me. How are you doing in dove dale? I hope you have a really great time ther and you have a great memory for next half term. Missing you already and can’t wait till come back tomorrow and I will ask how you have found the trip. But till then enjoy yourself

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