Drama in 5R-PSHE


5R have been learning about MP’s and the impact their decisions can have on the entire community. We have been learning about how the members of the community can help make changes for the local community in which they live and nationally. 5R took part in a courtroom scenario to reinforce the need for laws in society.
Think about the evidence you heard in the courtroom. Think about whether the defendants are innocent or guilty and explain why?

37 thoughts on “Drama in 5R-PSHE

  1. It was fantastic to see all of you so involved and enthused in your learning. We must remember we can all make a difference and who knows one of you could be a future MP or even Prime Minister!!

  2. I think being the judge in the courtroom I found the defendants not guilty as the prosecution solicitor Sana did not have any proof to show that Abdalla and Alina were guilty. Both solicitors only had a random number of witness statements which were saying the defendants were either guilty or not guilty.

    Well Done 5R you worked really well.

  3. I think they are innocent because most of the witnesses said that they did not spray paint whereas there was less witnesses on the other side

  4. I think they were guilty because they did not have any proof or evidence.I think because some people were saying that they were painting there bikes and some people say that they were playing in the park.

  5. I think that they are not guilty because every witness had said different things.One of them said that they were spray painting their bike for a present but the other said something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, So which one would we believe huh?

  6. they were innocent and they had no proof to be guilty and they were just playing in the park. two people thought they were so guilty.

  7. I think they are innocent because they had no proof or them being guilty. Also because there was more defendants than the people who thought they were guilty .

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