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WK 2:

Children shared ideas of who their character might be on the Island? What was their job? Using mimed actions they selected 3 actions that communicated their job. Working together in mixed groups they shared their ideas and created a sequence incorporating everyone’s action routine. They had to try and apply unison, moving together. Children discussed how the islanders worked together, they were a supportive community.

Who is your character on the ‘Island’?

What do they do?

Fishermen Farmers Carpenters Bakers School Teachers Shop Keepers

How would we describe their community? This day was different to any other day…


Role play task: Through a shared role play in which Tracie (teacher- in role) was in role as the stranger. Children imagined how they would respond to a stranger appearing on the beach in role as an Islander.

One of the children narrated the text whilst the children listened and responded.

A stranger who certainly was not one of us was read out; this led to different responses from the children.

He is not like us” “where have you come from?” “Are you hungry?” “Are you hurt?” “Where is your home”?

The children discussed how it was a mixed response some of the Islanders were aggressive towards the Stranger and others were caring and wanted to help.

We explored the line of the text ‘he is not like us’ and discussed the implications of these words.

“It was a cold and early start to work that February morning. I was getting on with my Job as normal but I was aware that there was shouting in the distance. I turned to try And listen to the noises and commotion but it appeared to die down so I continued with my work. There was a real chill in the air and I struggled to concentrate. Suddenly I heard more shouting in the distance, coming from the direction of the beach. Then I saw some of the villagers rush past me down the street shouting ‘stranger, stranger’. I threw down the work I was doing and rushed down to the beach. Almost the whole Village was there crowded around, looking out to the sea. I tried to push past people And jump up, so I could see what was going on but there were too many people. Eventually the group split in two so there was a gap in the middle and I finally saw What all the noise was about… A stranger who certainly was not one of us.”

Children imagined a dramatic headline that might be written next day in the paper. Children discussed the mood amongst the Islanders?

Key Skills: Imagining Consolidating the Experience – Writing in Role Team skills, willingness to work with others. Develop my own creative response Have self confidence in my own ideas.

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  1. I really enjoy the drama lessons on Saturdays and I would like to send a message with a lot of thanks to Tracy, Mrs Frankish, and Mr Griffin for the overwhelming support.

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