Good evening!

Tomorrow we will be heading to Drayton Manor for the day; here are a few reminders.

Please ensure that you are at school for 8:30am. You must be wearing both your blue PE T-Shirt and school jumper/cardigan/fleece. Remember not to wear loose fitting clothing – we suggest that you wear items similar to your PE kits. This goes for footwear too, ensure that your footwear is comfortable and secured well to your feet.

All long hair should be tied back, plaits are a good idea! As is bringing a waterproof jacket in case it rains or for the water rides!

If you do need to take medication for travel sickness, please can you ensure this is taken before coming to school. If you require a second dose before you return home, please bring this with a note from your parents.

You will need to bring a backpack that is large enough to carry your lunch and jumper if needs be. Each person will need to bring a plastic bag that we can transfer your lunch and drinks into incase anything leaks.

For lunch, those that are hot dinners will be provided the usual lunches. However, this is a long day and we suggest that you bring a snack and a bottled drink.

Each child is allowed to bring one small pack of sweets – not a share pack. If possible please bring a small personal hand sanitiser that you can use throughout the day and keep in your bag.

Let it be noted that the children are unable to bring money on this trip, the park is cashless and the children will be unable to purchase anything.

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