Dressmaking Warehouse

The girls have started the evening with a dress making session. Clearly they would be unable to do any physical labour. The girls are learning to stitch aprons to protect their pretty dresses.

Did you enjoy working in the haberdashery?

Would it have become boring doing the same thing every day?

Did you miss the boys?

Would you have preferred doing a more physical activity?

Have you made Madame Redhead’s bed yet?

Answer the questions in sentences, explaining why you feel the way you do.

29 thoughts on “Dressmaking Warehouse

  1. Im having so much fun at the sleepover thankyou mrs frankish and thankyou teachers for putting your time and effort in to this brilliant,amazing victorian sleepover experience

  2. I liked working in the haberdashery because we got to experience how Victorian children felt in the Victorian times.
    It would be boring just folding tissue and stitching cloth.
    I missed I brahim our class millionaire and Pinocchio .
    I would like a physical activity but it would probably rip my dress

  3. Being a maid would be extremely hard and we are so lucky that the laws have changed otherwise we would still be at peoples homes doing everything for them.

  4. I enjoyed to help the girls to sort out the bed. The victorian is boring because the teachers are strict on the other hand, we have lots of fun in our learning. We worked in a team to sort out the bed for Madame Redheads bed.

  5. I enjoyed working as a haberdashery because we had to make napkins ,make the bed and prepare the dinner table. It would be so boring because we won’t have time to play and also play with our friends. No I did not miss the boys because it is peace and quiet without them. I would because instead of making beds I could play basketball or netball. Yes and I am sure she would love it because we had to make sure that there was no creases in the bed sheet. :)

  6. I missed the boys. I didn’t like to be split. We made miss Redhead’s bed with the help of miss Saunders. Miss Saunders taught some of the girls to make napkins. We eventually learnt how to make napkins. It would be very boring we had to do these jobs every single day. I wouldn’t like to do physical activities. We had so much fun. I am enjoying the night so far.

    Some other girls were making there own apron. They were very lucky that they didn’t get hurt by the needles.

  7. Some of the girls made there aprens because they didnt have one.
    The other girls worked as a victorian maid.

    First we had to mack miss redheads bed.It was HARD!
    Next we had to set a posh victorian table.miss saundes
    Used to work in a posh restaruant and she showed us
    How to make paper napkin crowns to go on top of the
    Plates.(I FINALLY GOT THE HANG OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Overall it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes it would become boring doing the same thing everyday. No I did not miss the boys because they would make a racket. Yes we made Madame redhead bed and the table.

  9. I enjoyed this part because we learnt how to make a bed and we dressed up as a victorian child.With the help of miss Saunders we made crown napkins.

  10. Yes it would become boring doing the same thing everyday. No I did not miss the boys because they would make a racket. Yes we made Madame Redhead bed and table.

  11. I did not miss the boys cause they make a write mess of everything ! I enjoyed doing this cause it was very fun making the bed and the rest. It would of been boring if we did it every day.we have it was really boring can’t she do it by her self. :) :)

  12. The Victorian sleepover is so cool even though we have just began.I can’t believe that young girls had to make the bed but I liked preparing lunch and the napkins

  13. This is so fun because we made fancy napkins with the help of miss Saunders.the other side of the room were making their aprons because they forgot to bring it and I think the victorian teachers are mad.

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