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To all the Broad Heath family who are celebrating Eid, I hope you have had a great day and a super time. Why don’t you tell me all about it?

33 thoughts on “Eid

  1. On Eid I stayed at my sister house to help her decorate for my other sisters birthday and her all my older sisters friends came over it was fun .

  2. I had a really great time on Eid. On this day, I :
    – had English breakfast
    – got a bike
    – went to a local afghan party
    – went to a resturant
    and to end the day off, we called our family and friends.

  3. Hello Mrs Frankish.I spent time with my family and and friends before going swimming at the AT7 centre.Hope you are enjoying your summer holiday and I will see you soon.πŸ‘‹

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