17 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak!

  1. Before the Eid assembly I felt a bit nervous but I was still confident because I had a short line.After the assembly,I was relieved that the assembly was finished.

  2. I really enjoyed doing the assembly although some serious nerves had come to me before the assembly.My favourite part was the song as I thought everyone joined and I could see lots of smiling faces.

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    I know it’s late but I just came back from somewhere and had time to quickly post on two blogs

    Good job year six, I think as a year group overall we peformed well, my nerves were trying to tackle me down but I at once suddenly felt the confidence to preform, and as I was controlling the laptop, believe me, being behind the scene was pretty hard, but I fit in well.

  4. Before the assembly, my tummy was constantly being weird and it felt a little fuzzy in my stomach. During the assembly I was still a bit scared but then I looked at my mum and she was smiling all the time so J did that as well. After the assembly, I felt relieved that it was finally all over and that the stress was all gone. To me, the assembly seemed very short which really shocked me. My tho it’s on the assembly are good overall but some people could have learnt there lines better and payed more attention during the practices instead of laughing about other people. As I said, a couple of people started hesitating when they were saying their lines but we can’t change that now. I still enjoyed it though! I also appreciate all the hard work and time the teachers put in to organise the assembly and encourage children to not be afraid to speak a little bit louder. To be honest, I appreciate everyone’s hard work including the childrens’!

  5. I was so scared at first but then I was brave and happy because my dad came and when he came I was not scared anymore. Also I think we did a good job,but i was sad that miss Frankish did not watch but I hope she watches the video.

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