13 thoughts on “Enchanted Kindom Adventure.

  1. Rhema was so excited,she really enjoyed the trip and loved santa’s gift and all the fun she had.thanks to the teachers for taking good care of the children.

  2. Unfortunately the Teachers and Dras didn’t get any presents. I hope we weren’t on the naughty list. What a great day we had had and Santa’s toy shop was amazing.
    Tracey Masterson

  3. Abdullah had great fun on the trip and told us he saw santa and the raindeers he was vary excited coming down the slide
    he also mentioned that children had lots of fun and were very tied that they all fell asleep in the coach.Thank you teachers for your support and caring for the children during the trip.

  4. My family and I are going to visit during the holidays as a result of your fantastic clip. I can not wait to see Santa, I wonder if I will be able to choose a present?

  5. This was truly a magical experience for all the children and too see the excitement on the children’s faces in the toy cavern was priceless.
    Thank you parents for taking the time to talk to the teachers about their child’s experience from the visit, we can therefore say it was one full of memories.

  6. Wow you guys had so much fun. I loved watching the video and seeing you all having fun 😄.
    Did anyone remind Santa not to drink to juice, tea or milkshakes when delivering presents on Christmas Eve ? Can remember what happened in the story 🙊?
    Look forward seeing you all on Monday.

  7. Malaika had lots of fun on the trip and she enjoyed feeding the animals she really liked santas gift and she really enjoyed the trip with her friends and teacher’s.

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