English Zoom Lessons – Ms Janjua’s Intervention Group

Hi Year 5, the following children will attend the English Zoom sessions at 10.00 am every day except Fridays.

The following children are Ms Janjua’s Group: Saffiyah, Xavier, Steven, Laura, Roma, Asilah, Kia, Reece, Rajbir, Qasim, Alina.

Ms Khan’s group are: Ayomide, Absi, Muhammad R, Ellie, James, Musab, Esha, Safwaan and Rhema

You will need to be in the waiting room at 12.55, so we can start on time. Please bring your homework book, pencil, ruler and some crayons.

To join the lesson use the link below, the password is Blue. During the lessons mics need to be on mute and you will need to stay in front of the camera.

Topic: Ms Janjua’s English Zoom Meeting
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 995 0075 6338

Ms Janjua’s Share point Link:


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